Register your name or phone number in a .tel

Imagine if your business card was available to the entire world. Sounds great doesn't it? Well that's exactly what a .tel domain can provide for you or your company.

Send your business card around the world

With .tel domain name registration from 123-reg, you get one web page which contains all your contact details. It's easy to manage and can be updated in real time. Also, you'll be included in a global directory, giving you valuable worldwide exposure. By registering a .tel domain from 123-reg you can stay in control over how and where people reach you with a single point of contact that's yours forever.

Numeric .tel domains


Did you know that you can now get numeric-only .tel web addresses? You can grab a domain name that consists of only numbers and hyphens so you can use your phone number as the address e.g. These domains can be from 2-63 digits long, with or without hyphens, and are perfect to showcase your business contact details.

Your company

Why claim your .tel?

Store all your information under one roof. Use your .tel to make it easy for friends, customers and collaborators to get in touch and connect with you online. Share all your contact information from phone numbers, fax numbers, VoIP and IM handles to email addresses, websites, blogs, social networks and more.

Get on the map. With .tel domain name registration you are also provided with a Google map link to your location, so customers can find you at the click of a mouse.


Help out your mobile customers .tel provides you with a domain that is optimised for mobile devices, thus loading up super-fast. In addition, all your information is instantly clickable which means that clicking a phone number or an email address will automatically start a call or send an email.

Easily integrate your .tel into your website and use it instead of your "Contact Us" page. Every time you change your .tel details, it will be automatically update your contact information.

Be accessible every time and from anywhere. Your .tel site is accessible from any device connected to the Internet, whether it's a PC, a mobile device or a tablet.

Before you register .tel domains, why not try the demo on the Telnic website (Telnic is the organisation that administers .tel TLDs) to see how these extensions work?

This is one piece of internet real-estate that you simply cannot afford to miss out on, so what are you waiting for? Register .tel domains and put your businesses on the map.

Important note about .tel

Please note .tel domains work a little differently to other domains. They point to a special page containing your contact details rather than your usual website. This means DNS control, email and web forwarding are not available. Full details >

.tel domain name registration

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