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Download our full list of domains expiring over the next five days. (CSV format)

Download our list of domains expiring over the next five days with filters applied. (CSV Format)

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Q.What is an expired domain name?  

It's a domain where the owner has not paid the renewal fee as the domain has either been forgotten about or is not required anymore. After it has expired, we will wait for it to become available as a new registration and snap it up for you before anyone else gets a chance.

Q. How do I register expired domains? 

You can search for expiring domains using our search engine and then purchase them once they become available. However this is not the most efficient way as it can be frustrating and time-consuming. You must constantly monitor them until they become available and if others are watching the same ones you might miss out if you are not fast enough. This is where domain backordering can help.

Q. What is a domain backorder? 

It's exactly what it says on the tin. We back order any registered domain name for you and monitor it closely so we can register it for you the moment it becomes available for registration. Once it has it's available to register, we jump into action and try to secure it for you. We attempt to snap up the expiring domain you have requested before anyone else has a chance.

Q. Why backorder? 

When Backordering a domain name you don't need to constantly monitor it waiting for it expires as we will monitor it for you. As soon as it drops we are ready to jump into action and snap it up for you. Plus there is a no-win-no-fee policy so if we fail to secure it we won't charge you anything.

Q. When can I backorder expiring domains? 

You can do that at any time and with any domain you like that is registered; you don't need to wait until it is ready to drop. If you wanted you could backorder a domain years before it expires. We will monitor it for you and you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that we are trying to get it for you.

Q. How much does it cost to backorder expiring domains? 

When you place a domain backorder with us we do not charge you up-front. We will only charge you if we are able to successfully register it for you. If we are unable to register the expiring domain you wanted then you will not be charged anything. The actual amount you are charged depends on the type of domain you have backordered. It is just £49.99£59.99 for domains such as .com,, .net and .org, and just £59.99£71.99 for domains such as .tv, .cc, .me and .asia.

Q. How many years will a backordered domain be registered for? 

Once we secure the expiring domain you wanted, we will register it for one year which is included in the fee shown above. After this time you can keep renewing it for as long as you like. Subsequent renewals will be based on the standard renewal fees.

Q. What does the expired domain names list include? 

The list includes domains that have already expired and will become available for registration in up to five days. If you'd like to register one of the domains included in the expired domains list, simply backorder it and we will do our very best to register it for you as soon as it becomes available.

Q. How can I sort the list? 

You have several options to sort the list. You can choose to sort it by drop date which allows you to view the domains starting with the newest or the oldest one. The expired domain names list can also be ordered by extension in case you'd like to register a web address with a particular extension such as .com or or .net, and also alphanumerically (ascending and descending).

Q. How can I use the advanced search feature?  

If you want to run an expired domain names search to find only domains that include a specific keyword or have a specific extension, you can use our advanced search filters.

These will filter the results by:

  • Position: Search for domains that begin, contain or end with a specific keyword.
  • Extension: Find domains with only one or several specific extensions such as .com,, .de. The search results will return an expired domains list that includes only the extensions you have selected.
  • Other filters: You can also search for domains that do not include hyphens or numbers. For example, you might want a domain name with letters or numbers only. Use the advanced filters to find only those expired domain names that match your specific requirements.
Q. How can I download the full list?  

You can download the complete expired domain names list, with or without search filters applied, in a simple CSV format that you can then open as a spreadsheet in Excel or in any other program you prefer.

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