Register .careers domains, the new gTLDs for success in the online arena

The Internet has become the first place where people try to find work and career advice and where companies post jobs and recruit new employees. So, the new .careers domain name is perfect for companies who are looking to recruit or promote employment opportunities on the web while the .career gTLD is ideal for individuals who want to create an online portfolio to showcase their skills in order to increase their chances of getting hired.

So, if you’re a headhunter you’d better hurry and get your perfect .careers today! And if you’re a job seeker, stay tuned as .career will soon be available to register on 123-reg.

What is a .careers?

It's the new TLD opportunity for companies who wish to recruit or promote employment opportunities, or for businesses that help educate, prepare, or train the work force. Headhunters and career advisors can easily benefit from this new TLD as it's unique and flexible, making it relevant for any industry.

Since .careers is not specific to any industry, it helps create a recognisable extension that stands for community hubs for all career services. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and ensure you only get the best and the brightest to work for your company, this new TLD is a must-have!

What is a .career?

.career gTLDs are a must-have for individuals seeking employment who wish to create a personal online portfolio to enable networking and self-promotion.

So, if you're looking for new job opportunities, get your .career domain as soon as it becomes available for registration on 123-reg, create your portfolio of skills and experience and let employers know how you can make a difference and help their businesses grow.

Who can register these new domains?

There are no registration restrictions for these gTLDs which means anyone can order .careers and .career domains to find the best talent or success out there, no matter the industry or years of experience.

When can I register my .career or .careers domains?

.careers domains are now available for you to register with 123-reg. Search for your perfect .careers web address now and start building your talented team of professionals for your company!


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