Tech experts, secure your perfect .computer before it's taken

Whether you're promoting the latest laptops or tablets or writing insightful reviews on cutting-edge devices and applications, the new .computer gTLD is the most relevant and credible namespace you need. It's the ideal web address for a manufacturer's online storefront, or for sites that focus on computer repairs, programming, reviews, and more. So, hurry and buy your favourite one today on 123-reg before it's taken!

What is a .computer?

It's the new generic top-level domain for IT-related websites and it's a perfect match for manufacturers, resellers, repair services or bloggers writing about laptops, tablets, applications, and more. In addition, it's unrestricted which means anyone can order and use .computer domain names.

Why should I register it?

A .computer gTLD instantly communicates what your site focuses on, whether you're selling peripherals or offering repair or software development services. Wouldn't a web address grab attention instantly and be easier to remember than any other namespace?

With .computer domains, there are so many options for anyone in the IT industry - from repair shops, technology reviewers and magazines to software developers, programmers and more. This fantastic new extension creates a huge hub that's big enough to support the entire computer industry, especially because it's new and comes with so many naming possibilities.

While stores and online shops shouldn't miss out on securing a .computer domain to help market products and new releases, this great namespace can also help build authority in the industry. For example, business owners and bloggers can create forums or blogs under a .computer domain name and share tips and advice on how to build, maintain and repair theirs.

Get your perfect .computer domain now

In a time where there is so much competition, a unique web address can help set your site apart from the crowd. Shops, blogs and magazines focused on technology can easily use this new extension to build a unique market niche that their audience will instantly recognise and value. So, don't delay, buy your favourite .computer web address now from 123-reg, before all the good ones are taken.


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