The new .wiki and .how general Top Level Domains will soon be available to pre-order on 123-reg!

Sharing quality information on the Internet has become more important than ever. In fact, the only guaranteed way to stand out from the crowd, position your brand as an expert and gain the trust of your customers is to share purposeful content that provides a solution to a problem.

With the introduction of .how and .wiki domain names, you'll soon be able to get a web address that tells the world you're an expert in your field. So, whether you're a plumber, a web designer or a business selling legal advice, you don't want to miss out on one of these fantastic new extensions.

The launch of these two gTLDs will bring an almost infinite number of naming possibilities for any individual or business looking for alternatives to the .com. With .wiki and .how domain name registration from 123-reg, you'll soon be able to apply for your own quality web address in any language you want.

About .how and .wiki domains

.how is one of the many TLDs for which Google, Inc. applied. It's the perfect location for sites and blogs focused on sharing useful information online. So, pre-order .how domains if you're looking to create 'how to' websites where you can share instructional guides, online training programs and other useful advice.

.wiki is an open TLD which means anyone wanting to create a wiki site and share information or tips about a city, a hobby, a university, a company or anything else of interest is free to do so easily with .wiki domain name registration from 123-reg.

Why pre-order .how domain names?

The .how gTLD is the ideal extension for sites focused on sharing information online. For instance, you can use it for 'do it yourself' websites, training programs on web development or graphic design, Java forums, gardening or cooking sites and more. The list is endless! So, get ready to pre-order .how domains and share your knowledge and interests with the world.

Why pre-order .wiki domain names?

Wikis have changed the way information is being created and shared online. With .wiki domain name registration coming soon to 123-reg, you'll be able to create your own community-driven virtual space where you can share ideas and knowledge with other users. You also have the possibility to restrict access to the content and only allow people in your company to read, create and edit content on your corporate wiki. Get ready to pre-order .wiki domain names and create the perfect space to share knowledge on the web.

When can I get my .wiki and .how domains?

The launch of these two fantastic gTLDs is just around the corner. If you're eager to pre-order your .wiki and .how web addresses, enter your email address at the top of the page to be emailed when these domains are available for pre-order.

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