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Generate buzz around your brand with a .buzz domain

In a sea of breaking news, it can be challenging to make your brand, your product or your message stand out. The new .buzz domain offers an exciting new platform where your ideas, products, news, events, promotions, videos and more can go from obscure to ubiquitous in hours.

.buzz is short and fun, and it’s available to anyone who is looking to use buzz to gain exposure on the Internet. But your perfect domain won’t be here for long so register yours now on 123 Reg before it’s taken!


Why register .buzz domains?

.buzz is the new extension dedicated to viral content, advertising campaigns and anything that can create a buzz online. It’s snappy, edgy, fun, globally recognised and the dream platform for entrepreneurs, marketers, PR professionals, event planners, artists, and any brand out there looking to shake up their presence and gain exposure on the web.


Top five reasons you need to buy your .buzz gTLD today:

  • It’s short, edgy, fun and globally recognised.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs, advertisers, PR professionals, journalists, bloggers as well as artists looking to generate buzz in the humming hive of online social interaction.
  • Can boost your PR and marketing campaigns by drawing attention to what’s new and fresh.
  • Perfect for building excitement for an event, a new product or service launch or a start-up.
  • Creates a unique platform for any website to communicate the very latest new and noteworthy information.

When you register .buzz domains, you will get a dedicated space where you can promote the latest on your brand, share the latest news, the next big event and what’s happening now. Plus, there are no restrictions on who can buy it and how you can develop the web space around the extension. So, no matter how you choose to gain exposure online, you’ll have your own space to do it with .buzz.

When can you get your .buzz domain?

How about now? .buzz is here and available for registration on 123 Reg so get your perfect one now before anyone else gets a chance. With this gTLD providing not only short and memorable naming options but also an exciting new platform for brands to market themselves and stand out from the crowd, you know your perfect .buzz domain name won’t be here for long. So, hurry and get your favourite one now and get people talking about you!


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