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The fashion industry is an international multi-billion pound business. With fashion ever present in the media, today’s public is becoming increasingly conscious of the ‘mode du jour’. As a result, shopping online has also increased which is why it’s so important to stand out from the crowd.

So, if you’re in the clothing industry, whether you’re a retailer, a designer or a fashion blogger, hurry and order your favourite .clothing web address today on 123 Reg!


What is a .clothing?

It’s the perfect gTLD for anyone in the clothing industry, from retailers, designers, tailors to fashion bloggers. If you’re looking to secure a distinctive web address that will directly connect you to your target audience, look no further as registration for .clothing gTLDs is now open on 123 Reg so make sure you grab yours quickly.

This fashion-forward extension is unrestricted which means anyone can order and use .clothing domains.


Why should I register a .clothing domain name?

Whether you’re a retailer who wants to attract more customers, a designer who’s looking to make a name for yourself, or a fashion blogger who loves writing pieces on clothing and sharing advice on what to wear, this newly launched gTLD is for you. It’s easily-identifiable for the clothing market thus helping you better reach your target audience while establishing credibility and fostering a secure environment for your customers.

A web address with this new generic top-level domain can provide a more distinguished brand label, making it instantly recognisable and easy to remember. In addition, it comes with loads of naming options to choose from. Imagine how many more customers or readers you’d be able to attract with a relevant and catchy web address such as yourname.clothing, shop.clothing, vintage.clothing, trends.clothing or online.clothing.

So, make sure you secure your perfect name first if you want to get ahead of the pack in the competitive world of fashion and retail clothing.

Secure your .clothing gTLDs now!

This is a newly launched extension which means the best domains are sure to go fast. Make sure you grab that domain that perfectly captures your style before anyone else gets the chance. So, hurry and buy your dream .clothing web address now on 123 Reg and get ready to dress for success.


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