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This is the perfect extension for registrars, registries, domainers and web builders to create a space to discuss, sell and buy everything domain and web address related. Use your new .domains to promote your special offers and let your audience know you’re trustworthy and secure provider.

And if you get to secure your perfect .domains gTLD, you can easily join our Affiliate program and use your new website to start a new business and earn extra income. We’re the largest registrar in the UK and the best to be affiliated with. So buy your .domains web address today and start earning top commission with 123 Reg.

What is a .domains?

This new gTLD has been created for registrars so they could have an instantly recognisable address that customers would trust instantly when searching to buy domains online.

However, it’s not exclusive which means anyone can grab a .domains domain name, including corporations, organisation or individuals. Just make sure you buy and secure your ideal one now, before anyone else!

Why should I register it?

It’s the perfect extension to get if you’re a domain registrar or if you want to join our free Affiliate program and earn big commissions with the largest domain provider in the UK.

This gTLD can even help you build authority in the industry as you can easily create an informative website where you share useful information and the benefits of owning an online space with a specific extension. You can also use it to gather and present the best deals on domains. Wouldn’t you agree that a would grab your audience’s attention instantly?

There’s nothing you can’t do with a .domains domain. If you’re into statistics or web design, you could show off your skills by creating a site dedicated to And it doesn’t stop here, not unless someone else snaps your perfect web address before you do.

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You can’t afford to miss out on such a fantastic extension. So, hurry and order your favourite .domains web address now before anyone else gets a chance. When you get your hands on it, get ready to start earning some big money when you join our Affiliate program.

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