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Do you consider yourself an expert in your field and want everyone else to know it? Do you like sharing knowledge and tips to novices and people needing help and advice? We have just the perfect domain for you – .guru. It’s a fun and creative extension and it’s newly launched on 123 Reg which means you need to hurry and order your favourite web address now before all the cool ones are taken.


What is a .guru?

.guru gTLDs are an attractive and useful extension that enable experts to share their knowledge with the world and reach their audience easier. At the same time, professionals are able to enjoy a distinctive, more relevant web address that makes it easier for a specific audience to find them on the Internet. So, if you have extensive knowledge of social media, the web or anything else, why not register socialmedia.guru, web.guru, training.guru or finda.guru instead of a generic .com or .biz?

There are no registration restrictions for this gTLD which means anyone can order .guru domains and share their knowledge with the world.


Why buy .guru domains?

These new gTLDs open the door to so many fun and creative naming possibilities. .guru makes the ideal extension for anyone who loves giving advice and sharing knowledge on any topic out there from blogging and web design to cooking, home repair and anything else you’re good at.

.guru can also be a great extension for spiritual and meditative sites such as spirituality.guru, meditation.guru, lifecoach.guru. Whatever the use, this new gTLD was created as a flexible space that enables professionals, businesses and organisation with experience in their fields to teach and inspire people seeking for advice.

So, if you enjoy giving advice, sharing do-it-yourself tips or giving solutions that can help fix people’s problems, then a .guru gTLD might be perfect for you. If you own a business, you can easily use your .guru domain name as an extension of your main website and create a self-help space for your customers. Use it to give them advice or tips and tricks about anything related to your business, products and services.

Grab your favourite .guru gTLDs today!

Now you can get your hands on your own exciting new .guru domain names on 123 Reg. But to make sure no else snatches your fantastic web addresses before you do, you need to act fast. So, search for your .guru domains and order your favourite ones now.


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