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Personal .pm domains you can call your own

No matter what business you’re in, you need a private domain name for personal use to take with you wherever you go. The .pm domain is the country code top level domain for Saint Pierre and Miquelon, a small French-owned territory just off the coast of Newfoundland. Since its release in December 2011, .pm has become the international web address for professionals who need a personal domain they can call their own.

.pm domains were created specifically for individuals and business owners who live in the European community and in Switzerland. So, if you reside in the EU and need a really cool domain for your private email address or any personal messaging, then register .pm domains today.


Why should I get one?

When you get a .pm domain, you can easily use it to create your own private email address to use in your CV instead of the standard Gmail or Hotmail address. A personal email address with a .pm extension can help you stand out from the crowd and with mailboxes from 123 Reg you can check your email on the go, from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

Plus, unlike the popular .me, .me.uk and .name domain extensions where so many domains have already been registered, when you buy .pm domains you’ll have so many more options. With .pm domain name registration from 123–reg, you can grab a great domain like james.pm and others like it. So, if you want to buy .pm domains, hurry and secure yours today before the best ones disappear.


Who can register .pm domains?

All European companies, individuals and organisations can order this personal domain with .pm domain name registration from 123-reg without restriction. This means that anyone residing within one of the member states of the European Union or within Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Norway can register .pm domains.

A domain that lasts a lifetime

At 123-reg we try our very best to offer you the latest and greatest domain names for you to register. This helps us ensure that once a new domain is released, you’ll be able to secure yours on 123-reg and keep it for as long as you need it. Find out more about the importance of getting your domain as soon as it’s released by reading our article on how a domain name can last a lifetime.


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