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First impressions are crucial, especially on the Internet where trust doesn’t come easy, so a great .pro domain name goes a long way! 123 Reg is one of the few places where you are able to register .pro domains, so go .pro today and grab your perfect domain name before anyone else.


What is a .pro domain name?

.pro is the only top-level domain created for professionals and businesses (from employees to CEOs) that are trying to build their online presence. Also, this domain tells the world that you are a licensed professional that can be trusted on the Internet.

.pro doesn’t just stand for professional. It also stands for: proactive, promising, proficient, progressive, prolific, promoter and many more.

If this is how you would describe yourself or your business, than it looks like our new .pro domains would suit your perfectly. So, go ahead and register yours today.


Who can register .pro domains?

Any professional, from lawyers and consultants to teachers and accountants. As long as you have a license, you can easily register .pro domains to help you promote your products and services and become an authority on the web. Use the .pro domain name registration from 123 Reg and get your ideal domain and running in minutes.

How much do .pro domains cost?

It costs £14.99 (+20% VAT) for one year so register .pro domain today so you can finally have your own place of business that people will come to know and trust.


Why choose a domain from 123 Reg?

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  • Full DNS control
  • FREE web and email forwarding
  • FREE 2 page Website Builder

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