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This generic Top-Level Domain is meant to be a web centre for all things Scottish, providing the worldwide proud family of Scots with their own expressive domain as their online identity of choice. So, if you live or do business in Scotland, this gTLD is the perfect one to identify yourself more clearly as a Scot on the World Wide Web, as well as to show your commitment to Scottish customers. Register .scot domain names now with 123 Reg and get an edge over your competitors in Scotland.

About .scot

.scot is a community TLD created to provide an instantly recognisable web address to those who work, live, or do business in this northern country.

It’s a clear cultural identifier for individuals and organisations in Scotland, and can also be an effective branding tool for businesses looking to attract more local customers by showing their commitment to the Scottish community.

Securing a .scot domain ensures a spot in Scotland’s online marketplace and community, so make sure you register your favourite .scot domain name with us before anyone else.

Why register .scot domain names?

For businesses, a .scot gTLD can help emphasise your brands’ authenticity and allow customers to instantly identify with your “Scottishness”, thus making them feel more comfortable when purchasing from you.

Owning a .scot can help:

  • Clearly identify yourself and your website with Scotland
  • Push your brand into the limelight with domains that instantly prove your commitment to Scottish customers
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Reach potential customers interested in buying locally.

This is your chance to trade on your Scottish affinity and identity. Whisky producers, for example, benefit greatly from trading on their Scot origins and you can too. Order .scot domains now with 123 Reg and use them to gain global prominence and grow your business internationally.

Who can buy one?

This extension is for anyone who lives or works in Scotland, speaks the languages of Scotland, promotes its cultural preservation or wants to be connected to this country through ecommerce.

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