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Register .singles domains, the ideal web address for dating sites

If you’re looking to start a dating site, a forum or a community for single people in your area, now’s the perfect time to secure a .singles domain name. With more people embracing single life, there’s a huge market for events, groups and communities geared towards supporting single people.

This new domain extension provides an easy-to-find namespace for singles, making it the perfect web address for online dating sites, event co-ordinators as well as bloggers who share advice on singlehood. So, don’t delay, buy a .singles domain name now and you could start your own dating site today!


About .singles

This is the new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) dedicated to the lifestyle and online dating industry. The .singles domain is set to become a hub for singles as well a great resource for those looking for information, advice and tips on dating. It’s also a great opportunity for event co-ordinators and dating site owners to attract the right kind of traffic as well as to increase online presence for their brands.


Why buy .singles domain names?

With .singles domain name registration from 123 Reg, you now have the opportunity to register a web address like london.singles, events.singles, dating.singles, match.singles and many other catchy web addresses.

You can easily target your audience by securing a web address based on location, orientation, and more. For example, when you register london.singles, you are breaking down the dating pool by location which means you will only attract single people living in London who are looking to date and find prospective partners. This also makes it easier for singles in London to find your website on the Internet.

The online dating industry is booming so this dedicated TLD is a perfect fit for anyone looking to start a dating site. It evokes romance, dating and love which creates instant recognition when it comes to the type of content visitors will find on your site. Whether you’re targeting singles sharing the same location, career or hobby, a .singles domain name can help you find the right audience, and faster than with any other gTLD.

Who can order .singles domains?

There are no restrictions to .singles domain name registration which means anyone can secure a web address with this extension. So, what are you waiting for? Search for your dream .singles web address and start “matching” today.


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