Total DNS control with all domains

Get complete control over your DNS

We think you should have as much control over your online life as you do in the offline world, so if you have a domain name from 123-reg you can amend your DNS control settings personally:

  • Control where your email goes by changing MX records
  • Make sure anyone typing in your domain name reaches the right place by pointing the A records at any IP address
  • Change your nameservers (you can have up to 4 per domain)
  • Update Registrant details & WHOIS opt-out
  • Make your domain name the alias of another by altering the cname records
  • Set blank www records

Easy to use control panel

Although we're always happy to help, you won't have to contact us to configure your domain name or change your DNS control settings - you can handle everything through your 123-reg control panel.

Just log into your account, choose the site you'd like to modify, and select 'Manage DNS'. This allows you to modify the settings manually, giving you the complete DNS control you need to feel safe and secure.

You can also use your 123-reg control panel to submit your site to search engines, set up web hosting, configure mail and web forwarding, set up subdomains and mailboxes, and even create your FREE InstantSite website.

Live server updates

Not only do we give you total DNS control by changing your settings to whatever you like, but we also make those changes instantly!

Unfortunately, we can't make the Internet as efficient as we are - other web services may take longer to update. Your changes will go global just as soon as they catch up.

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