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Our servers have everything you need...

  • FLEXIBILITY - The flexibility and scalability you need when you need it.
  • PERFORMANCE - The performance of a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost.
  • POWER - The power you need for even the most demanding applications.
Virtual Private Servers Find out more   Become a Server Administrator! Get a flexible Hosting Environment with root access for superior web applications.
  • Host Multiple Websites on a single Server.
  • Be the administrator of your Control Panel; not only the reseller or user!
  • Install any kind of execution environment and framework for your web application.
  • Ideal for Web Developer infrastructure applications like GIT or subversion server.
Starter from £9.99£11.99 a month Find out more  
Cloud Servers Find out more   Get the guaranteed performance you need from your UK server hosting environment with the freedom of a dedicated one.
  • Host Websites with a high user volume and fully utilise 100 Mbps internet bandwidth.
  • Host database and file servers with hundreds of parallel users on the RAID-based disks.
  • Host latency-critical web applications like a Game or Teamspeak Server.
  • Outsource Groupware and Communication Software to your cloud.
Business from £59.00£70.80 a month Find out more  
Dedicated Cloud Servers Find out more   The power you need from your secure hosting environment with reliable RAM, CPU and DISK performance and the security of a dedicated server.
  • Outsource any enterprise software to your cloud like ERP or CRM systems.
  • Host high performance databases for your data warehouse or big data analysis software.
  • Host Websites with a high user volume and fully utilise 500 Mbps internet bandwidth.
  • Use a Dedicated Cloud solution as a rendering and calculation engine for your graphical or mathematical applications.
Professional from £109.00£130.80 a month Find out more  

Premium Hosting

High performance web hosting with dedicated resources. We manage the software and hardware so you can focus on running your business.
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
  • Super-fast speeds
  • Familiar control panel
  • Dedicated resources
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The Future is HERE!

Our entire UK server hosting range has been designed with you in mind and they progress and grow as you and your business does. Each one has been created to fit into your development and deliver exactly what you need from your server hosting to ensure your business has the flexibility, performance and power exactly when it needs it.


See how our packages compare...

Cloud Server
Cloud Server
Scale server up without re-installation
Root access to install any software and customize your hosting environment
Kernel access to install any kernel module
OS independent access via VNC
Mounting ISO-Images to boot your server with random OS
Dedicated disks for optimal I/O performance
Own hardware Server

Virtual Private Servers

A cost effective solution that is the perfect step-up when your business outgrows your classic web hosting package. Providing the flexibility of administrative or root access you have the freedom of a dedicated solution but for a fraction of the price meaning they are the perfect introduction package to the world of UK servers for your business.

Cloud Servers

Combining Virtualisation and dedicated technology we have created a secure server hosting solution that overcomes the performance restrictions of a VPS by introducing dedicated hardware into the mix. While remaining more cost-effective than a dedicated UK server hosting solution it delivers the performance any growing business deserves and is the obvious next step from a VPS.

Dedicated Cloud Servers

We have taken the classic dedicated solution and combined it with the benefits of virtualisation technology to create a powerful dedicated monster of a hosting. It gives your business the security and flexibility it needs and is the perfect investment in your business when you need more power than a Cloud can offer and a dedicated UK server hosting solution is the only acceptable solution for your business.

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