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While encryption protects your data transfers, a Domain SSL will prove your legitimacy to visitors, leaving them in no doubt of your trustworthiness. When you buy your SSL Certificate visitors to your site will see the secure https:// URL prefix and the industry standard padlock icon in their web browser.


So... What do you get?

Domain SSL
from a trusted brand

only £49.99 a year

  • Activates browser padlock yes
  • Encryption level High (128 - 256 bit)
  • Typical issuance speed 10 minutes
  • Vetting Extra domain checks
  • Simple set up with AutoCSR yes
  • Warranty Up to £10,000
  • Server license Unlimited
  • 'Secured by' site seal Secured by GlobalSign
  • Browsers supported 99%
  • Mobile device support yes

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Best value

Domain Wildcard SSL
covers all sub-domains

only £174.99 a year

  • Secure unlimited sub-domains with Wildcard SSL
  • Available with 123-SSL,
    Domain SSL and
    Organisational SSL.

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Other SSL packages

essential security

only £9.99 a year

  • Fast issuance
  • Secures www. and non www.
  • Full browser and mobile support

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Organisational SSL
extra authentication

only £69.99 a year

  • Full company vetting
  • Up to £75,000 warranty
  • Unlimited server licensing

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Extended SSL
total security

only £249.99 a year

  • Get the green address bar
  • Up to £150,000 warranty
  • Ultimate proof of trust

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Clients are advised that any SSL certificate purchased, vetted and approved by 123-reg and its SSL partner GlobalSign but not yet formally processed by the Client shall be cancelled if the Client fails to accept the 'approver email' 3 months from the date of purchase.
Clients are advised to contact 123-reg's Support Team at anytime during or after the expiry of their SSL certificate if they have any issues with their certificate.

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