SSL Certificates protect information on your website

Extended SSL highlights your secure details in a green bar (as validated by top security provider GlobalSign), making your credentials immediately obvious.


So... What do you get?

Extended SSL
essential security

only £249.99 a year

  • Activates browser padlock yes
  • Encryption level High (128 - 256 bit)
  • Typical issuance speed 3 - 4 days
  • Simple set up with AutoCSR yes
  • Vetting Domain checks
    Business checks
    Extended checks
  • Warranty Up to £150,000
  • Server license Unlimited
  • 'Secured by' site seal Secured by GlobalSign
  • Browsers supported 99%
  • Mobile device support yes

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Other SSL packages

essential security

only £9.99 a year

  • Fast issuance
  • Secures www. and non www.
  • Full browser and mobile support

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Domain SSL
from a trusted brand

only £49.99 a year

  • Fast issuance
  • Secures www. and non www.
  • Up to £10,000 warranty

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Organisational SSL
extra authentication

only £69.99 a year

  • Full company vetting
  • Up to £75,000 warranty
  • Unlimited server licensing

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Clients are advised that any SSL certificate purchased, vetted and approved by 123-reg and its SSL partner GlobalSign but not yet formally processed by the Client shall be cancelled if the Client fails to accept the 'approver email' 3 months from the date of purchase.
Clients are advised to contact 123-reg's Support Team at anytime during or after the expiry of their SSL certificate if they have any issues with their certificate.

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