123 Reg Microsoft 365 Product Terms and Conditions

These Microsoft 365 Product Terms and Conditions are supplemental to the General Terms and Conditions, including the Acceptable Use Policy and the Data Protection Policy and apply to the provision of the Microsoft 365 Product by 123 Reg Limited ("123 Reg"). The ordering of Microsoft 365 services from 123 Reg constitutes acceptance by the Client of the General Terms and Conditions and these Microsoft 365 Product Terms and Conditions.

  • Microsoft Terms and Conditions. We offer a variety of products and services ultimately provided by a third party, Microsoft. Your use of the Microsoft 365 Services is subject to Microsoft’s End User Licence Agreement (“MS EULA”) and the Microsoft Cloud Agreement, which are both hereby incorporated by reference, including but not limited to terms therein governing privacy and the handling of your data. You must accept and comply with any applicable Microsoft policies or procedures. You hereby consent to the processing of your data and personal data by 123 Reg, Microsoft, and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, and service providers. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Microsoft may collect, use, transfer, disclose, and otherwise process your data, including personal data, as described in the Microsoft Cloud Agreement.

  • Microsoft 365 is only available for purchase by business customers, and not consumers. If you are a consumer, you agree that you shall not purchase Microsoft 365 and therefore consumer cancellation and refund rights shall not apply. 123 Reg reserves the right to suspend or terminate provision of Microsoft 365 for a breach of this term.

  • The availability and performance of the Microsoft 365 products are down to the third party's control and accordingly 123 Reg is unable to accept responsibility for any downtime, fluctuation in performance of unavailability of any Microsoft 365 product.

  • On commencing a Microsoft 365 subscription, the Client will be given access to a Control Panel through which the Microsoft 365 subscription can be managed. 123 Reg highly recommends that the Client only uses the 123 Reg Control Panel to manage their Microsoft 365 subscription. Changes made by the Client directly with Microsoft may not be reflected in the Client's 123 Reg Control Panel and 123 Reg may not be able to support any changes made other than through the 123 Reg Control Panel.

  • A Microsoft 365 subscription shall run for an initial term of 12 months from the initial subscription and shall automatically renew for further 12 month periods are the end of the initial term, unless terminated by the Client at least 30 days prior to the end of the initial term. The Client may order additional Microsoft 365 products for the Client's subscription during the then-current term and those additional products shall be added to the subscription for the remainder of the then-current term and shall then automatically renew on the same basis as the Client's subscription.

  • Microsoft 365 subscriptions will renew at the prevailing rate at the time of renewal.

  • Only Microsoft 365 products or subscriptions purchased via 123 Reg can be managed through 123 Reg. The Client may not port or transfer any Microsoft 365 products or subscriptions purchased from any third-party source into the Client's 123 Reg Microsoft 365 subscription.

  • The Client is limited to purchasing a maximum of 300 licences under a Microsoft 365 subscription.

  • The Client accepts that any breach of the MS EULA, any Microsoft policy, these Microsoft 365 Product Terms or the General Terms and Conditions may result in immediate suspension or termination of the Client's Microsoft 365 subscription without liability on the part of either 123 Reg or Microsoft.

  • Microsoft 365 is provisioned by GoDaddy.com, LLC.