123 Reg VPS Agreement

The 123 Reg Virtual Private Server Agreement governs the terms and conditions in which You ("Customer", "You" or "Your") purchase a new Virtual Private Server through 123 Reg Limited (" 123 Reg").

You hereby agreed to this Agreement. The terms in this policy are supplemental to 123 Reg's General Terms and Conditions and "Acceptable Use Policy" and You will be bound to all of these when carrying out business with 123 Reg.

This Agreement is divided into the two following parts:

1. Description of Services: VPS plans place your site within a server shared with other customers, but you will have full control over your server space and the complete configuration of your virtual instance on the server. You will have administrator (root) access and a dedicated IP address.

2. Account termination; limitations

2.1 Migration of Servers: You acknowledge and agree that as a normal course of business, it may be necessary for us to migrate our servers. As a result, even if you have a dedicated IP, you may be assigned a different IP number. We do not warrant that you will be able to consistently maintain your given IP numbers.

2.2 Termination of Hosting Services: You acknowledge and agree that upon expiration or termination of your Hosting Services, you must discontinue use of the Hosting Services and relinquish use of the IP addresses and server names assigned to you in connection with Hosting Services, including pointing the domain name system ("DNS") for your domain name(s) away from our servers. Prior to termination of the Hosting Services, you are responsible for moving your website or server content off our servers. We will not transfer or FTP your website or server content to another provider. If you fail to move your website or server content off our servers prior to cancellation, we will delete all such content and we will not be able to provide a copy of such content.

2.3 Free Products Credits: Upon termination of the Hosting Services, all free products provided as part of the Hosting Services will be cancelled or revoked.

2.4 Notice Regarding Licensed Images on Migration or Export (where available): Subject to all other applicable licenses terms and conditions, images available and licensed for use are intended for 123 Reg hosted customers only an