Plesk 11

Available with Linux and Microsoft OS options, Plesk is designed to help you administer your web server in a fast, simplified and efficient way from any internet browser.

Service Provider Mode - Linux

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Service Provider Mode - Windows

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Power User Mode - Linux

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Power User Mode - Windows

Try the Plesk demo  Username: admin  Password: panel

Feature packed management from Plesk...

Easy to use UI

Plesk's user interface makes managing your web server a breeze with intuitive controls and layouts so you will always find what you need.

Mobile monitoring

Monitor your server on the move using your smartphone or internet enabled device and have control in the palm of your hand.

Full of functionality

Plesk includes many great features to make website management simple and make sure you are always on top of the game.

Optional Additional Extras

Power Pack
The Plesk Power Pack is a collection of premium add-ons that can be added to Plesk to expand the functionality and give Plesk even more power.

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Languages Pack
Add extra languages to Plesk to enable your customers to choose their preferred language and start selling internationally.

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Add Kaspersky Antivirus protection to your server and keep your server safe from internet nasties such as viruses and malware.

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MS SQL Support
Add MS SQL support to Plesk and unlock the benefits of the worlds most advanced relational database system on your server.


Multiple website management 

Add up to a 100 domain names and host multiple websites using Plesk

SSL Certificates 

Install SSL certificates on individual websites not just for the server.

Website stats 

Plesk allows you to keep track of your websites by displaying stats for each of your sites.

Email services 

Run your own dedicated SMTP mail server with POP3/IMAP access for retrieving mail from your choice of webmail clients (IMAP available on Linux only).

Parallels Panel Server Monitor 

View server states via the parallels Apple, Android and Blackberry app

Restricted access 

Create and allow restricted access for multiple users

File manager 

Manage your files through Plesk's web interface without needing direct access to your server

One click installs 

One click install for all your favourite CMS application and much more through the APS catalogue

One click installs


Create and manage your own MySQL databases directly in Plesk

File sharing 

Use Plesk for quick and easy file sharing

Easy Backup 

Backup your VPS easily through the Plesk interface so if the worst happens you will not lose your data.

White label solution 

Plesk provides a white label solution enabling you to resell domain names and hosting to your customers.


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The Linux based control panel that provides a graphical interface designed to simplify the process of hosting multiple websites. CPanel allows website owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration with ease.

Try the cPanel demo 

Try WHM demo  Username: demo  Password: demo

Feature packed management from cPanel...

Multi-tiered control panel access

Allow different users different levels of access to the cPanel and restrict certain functionality to certain users.

Great for developers and web designers

Built for developers and web designers, cPanel gives you the functionality you need and when you need it.

Easy-to-use wizards and video tutorials

CPanel makes it easy for you to configure your web server with easy-to-use wizards and video tutorials to guide you.


Designed with multiple hosting in mind 

CPanel has been created with the hosting of multiple sites in mind and allows easy management of many sites within the same interface.

Customisable User Interface 

Customise cPanel's user interface to meet your requirements.

Multiple security functionality 

With cPanel you are always in safe hands with its multiple security functionality you know your details are always safe.

White label solution 

cPanel provides a white label solution enabling you to resell domain names and hosting to your customers.

Developer functionality 

CPanel is full of stuff for developers such as Perl Modules, PHP PEAR packages and configuration, Cron jobs and Apache handlers.

CGI scripts 

cPanel contains easy to use CGI scripts for website development.

Database management 

Easy to use database management via PHP admin and MySQL database modules.


Run your own mail server with multiple emails functions including webmail.

FrontPage extensions 

Full FrontPage extensions to enable you to edit and publish your website through Microsoft FrontPage.


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123-reg Control Panel

The 123-reg control panel enables you to manage your 123-reg account and VPS package settings from a simple to use, online interface. Giving you the freedom to update your settings and administer your package whenever you need to.


Feature packed management from 123-reg...

Manage VPS

The 123-reg control panel's easy to use interface makes managing all aspects of your VPS child's play. With intuitive controls managing your VPS with 123-reg is a breeze.

Back up your data

Keep your important data safe with our scalable FTP backup service and ensure that if the worst happens you have the peace of mind that your data is safe.

Take control

With the 123-reg control panel you can take control of your VPS and easily perform functions such as rebooting, powering off and rebuild your VPS with a single click.



View all your VPS package information including package specs, connectivity information and installed add-ons.

Manage VPS 

With 123-reg control panel you are able to scale your VPS adding more resources as and when you need them.


With full DNS management including creating PTR records for reverse DNS lookup, you can unlock the full power of your domains.


View stats for your VPS in easy to understand graphs and see usage information about your hard disk and bandwidth.

Server function 

Take control of your VPS, reboot, power off and rebuild your VPS with a click of a button.

FTP Backup Storage 

Scale your automated VPS backup storage, and monitor your backup usage.

Optional extras 

Unleash the full power of Plesk, protect and monitor your server, create mobile websites and much much more.

Additional IP Addresses 

Add additional IP addresses to your server to allow multiple SSL certificates to be installed on the same server.


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