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Lots of people need domain names and web hosting services - take it from us (and our millions of customers worldwide). So when you become a 123-reg affiliate, through the leading network CJ Affiliate, you will be promoting a hugely popular product range and a well-respected brand. Hence the easy money! And best of all, it's FREE to join!

Become and affiliate NOW! Stop pondering and start earning

How does it work?

As a 123-reg affiliate, you'll make uncapped earnings. The more you sell, the more you earn- there's no limit! We will pay you commission every time one of your referrals makes a purchase from us.

The platform uses modern technology to monitor everything, so you will always be given the payment that is due. It's that simple!

How we will help you earn £££'s

We will also help you to promote our products by giving you full access to our wide range of eye-catching web banners. Choose from a variety of sizes and decide whether you want to use a static or animated banner on your site.

Commission rates

Here's a taster of what you could earn!

  • Domain Names - 8.5%
  • Web Hosting - 25%
  • SSL - 20%
  • Email - 15%
  • Website Builder - 15%
  • Online Shop - 20%
  • WHOIS Privacy - 10%

Affiliate Technology and Statistics

Many reward programmes rely on the customer ordering a product within a certain amount of time, before they close their Internet browser or whichever occurs first.

However, as a 123-reg affiliate, your customer can take all the time they need - If they place an order anytime within 120 days you will still receive commission!

Become and affiliate NOW! Stop pondering and start earning

What's in it for me?

  • Commission paid on all sales you make
  • You get paid every month
  • There is no minimum or maximum that you can earn
  • Get paid direct to your bank account
  • Run through leading affiliate network - CJ Affiliate
  • Robust interface with clear visibility of what you earn
  • Free to join

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Nothing to

Becoming a 123-reg affiliate, is 100% free of charge.

All you have to do is display a banner, or text link on your web site and wait for the money to roll in!

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