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Eshop Three is our most fully-featured online shop package. If you already sell online, it's a great way to start selling internationally using advanced marketing techniques.

Don't be afraid to open your online shops to the world. Selling internationally is both fun and profitable, especially since there are so many opportunities. You not only get to expand your market, but also the base of potential buyers.

This means that any user can now buy your products directly from your online shops, no matter where he lives. And to make it even more attractive, you can even build multi-lingual online shops so that potential clients can see your site's content in their native language. Start now - create one or more international online shops and start making real profit!

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    Our top Ecommerce package for businesses. Sell thousands of products to customers around the world.

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  • Key features
  • ShowHideProduct catalogue
  • Products: 10,000


    The number of individual products you may sell online.

  • Categories: 500


    The number of categories you can organise your products into.

  • Subcategories: yes


    Organise your products further by splitting categories into subcategories.

  • Catalogue search: yes

    Catalogue search

    Allow customers to search you entire product range for specific keywords

  • Appointment booking: yes

    Appointment booking

    Let your customers see availability and make reservations without having to call you. Ideal for any business which handles appointments

  • ShowHideMarketing and promotion
  • Integration with popular shopping sites: yes

    Integration with popular shopping sites

    Ecommerce automatically links into these popular shopping sites (Ciao!, eBay,, Kelkoo, Google Base) so people can find your products through them

  • Newsletters: yes


    Send out promotional emails or regular newsletters to your customers

  • Cross-selling: yes


    Includes automatic and manual cross-selling so you can promote complementary products alongside each other

  • Forums: yes


    Let your customers chat to each other online - or use the forums to answer common questions and queries

  • Vouchers: yes


    Offer extra deals and discounts with voucher codes

  • ShowHideDesign
  • Templates: Yes


    Ecommerce is packed with professionally designed templates. Change the look of your online shops in a single click

  • Design wizard: yes

    Design wizard

    The design wizard will walk you through the important stages of creating your online shops, one step at a time

  • Product pictures: yes

    Product pictures

    Add pictures of all your products, so customers can see exactly what they'll be buying

  • Flash intro: yes

    Flash intro

    Build animated introductions to your online shops to run before customers see your site.

  • ShowHideBasket, ordering and shipping
  • Online shopping basket: yes

    Online shopping basket

    Fully-functional shopping basket so visitors to your online shops can browse, add products as they go, then check out and pay whenever they're ready

  • Shipping methods: 10

    Shipping methods

    You can offer a variety of shipping methods on your online shops - from Second Class to next day delivery. Maybe skip "we'll send it out when we feel like it", unless your customers are particularly tolerant

  • Card payments: yes

    Card payments

    Let your customers pay for their orders by credit or debit card. Real-time authorisation is fast and secure

  • PayPal: yes


    Integrate this widely-used online payment system into your site

  • Other payment methods: yes

    Other payment methods

    Click and buy, Moneybookers, Saferpay, Easy Debit, HSBC, Worldpay, Google Checkout, Discount for certain payment methods

  • ShowHideInternational
  • Languages: 4


    Build a multi-lingual online shop to attract customers from around the world with French, Spanish and German

  • Currencies: 100


    Trade in multiple currencies. This is a good way to attract international customers who want to pay in their native currency

  • ShowHideSecurity
  • Basic SSL: yes

    Basic SSL

    Included with all packages, this allows you to securely process orders. However, it means when customers place an order, the checkout process will not take place on your own domain name

  • Certification ready: yes

    Certification ready

    Get your online shops checked and validated by Trusted Shops or SafeBuy.

  • ShowHideEmail
  • Mailboxes: 2,000


    The area on our server where your email is stored. Each mailbox is normally associated with a single email address

  • POP3 and SMTP: yes

    POP3 and SMTP

    POP3 is a way of receiving email and SMTP is a way of sending it. These industry-standard methods will let you check your email with most email software

  • Webmail: yes


    Allows you to check your emails by logging in to a website rather than using a program like Outlook Express

  • ShowHideControl panel
  • Online management: yes

    Online management

    You can manage every aspect of your online shop by logging into a web page. There's no software to install and it's very easy to use

  • Statistics: yes


    See how many people are visiting your online shop and which pages they look at when they're on the site. Then tweak your shop to improve the conversion rate

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