If you said “SEO what?” then you are probably part of a quarter of marketeers that a new report suggests know little of nothing about search engine optimisation.

Agency dotSEO have released findings that suggest 28% of SMEs aren’t even using relevant keywords on their website.

In the report Naked SEO, a fifth of those surveyed admitted to knowing about SEO but not committing any marketing budget to it compared to only 14% who responded that SEO was strategically important to their business. Nearly a quarter admitted being unsure of the benefits of SEO while a further 14% said there were no benefits as far as they could tell.

The report also includes a new benchmark study into how 50 of the UK’s leading SMEs (as ranked by The Sunday Times) are optimising their websites for natural search. The study found that the majority are failing to take simple steps to improve search engine rankings, with only 28% using relevant keywords on their site.

The benchmark study shows 76% using heading tags in titles on their homepage and 64% using meta descriptions to give a good summary of the site but at the more technical end, the results were poor, with only 22% of page titles beginning with a keyword and only 44% having a clearly visible sitemap.

The full whitepaper contains the full results of the two research projects and mixes the findings with a series of best practice tips and examples.

Do you take SEO seriously? Do you understand what SEO is really about?

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2 Responses

  • David Vangoes

    I think the reason that so many ecommerce firms do so little SEO is due to a lack of information and education on the subject. Many still believe that all you need to do is get a website stick on the web and your site will be seen by billions of people.

    Many SEO firms, possibly in order to maintain their grip on the market, make SEO appear so complicated that many newbies just don’t bother with it. I believe that if it could be explained in a simpler, clearer way, it would make a whole lot of difference.

    September 2, 2010 at 10:26 am
  • Tim

    Thanks David. Have you seen our archived blog offering a brief introduction. We plan some more SEO-related articles too so keep your eyes peeled.

    September 2, 2010 at 4:19 pm