Protect your personal details with WHOIS privacy

Did you know that when you register a domain name, the registration details are available to anyone who searches a public database online?

It's called the WHOIS database. The details stored could include your name, address, email and phone number.

Search the WHOIS database

Enter your registered domain - and see what information is publicly displayed about you.

Some spammers mine this for email addresses. It can even be used by scammers looking to steal or transfer your domain name. This is not uncommon and can be scary for all website owners, especially those who have built businesses and a strong reputation around their domains and have everything to lose. But don't panic. There's a reliable privacy service that can help keep your personal information safe and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands.

Don't let your details fall into the wrong hands

The privacy service from 123-reg stops your personal or business details from being found. It replaces your details with generic information from our privacy service and costs only £4.99£5.99 a year.

WHOIS privacy
Your details are shown:

WHOIS privacy
Your details are hidden:


Your name
Your address
Your postcode
Your telephone number
Your email address


Identity Protection Service
Identity Protect Limited
United Kingdom

Domain name:

Domain name:

Emails sent to the contact address will be forwarded to your email address, so people with legitimate queries about your domain can contact you.

By protecting your personal details, you can ensure the safety of your information. The truth is, anyone with an Internet connection can easily access your personal information, but with our privacy service you can prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

It also prevents you from being an easy target for spam, junk mail and any type of unwanted offers and newsletters. It's an efficient way to save your inbox from being cluttered with unsolicited email where it's frustrating and time-consuming to find the messages you actually want to receive.

Which domains are eligible for WHOIS privacy?

Domain WHOIS privacy services cost just £4.99£5.99 a year per domain and apply to most common ones such as .com, .co and .net.

Please see below for a full list of eligible domain extensions.

.academy .accountants .actor
.agency .airforce .army .associates
.attorney .auction .audio .band
.bar .bargains .bayern .beer
.best .bid .bike .bio
.biz .black .blackfriday .blue
.boutique .build .builders
.business .buzz .cab .camera
.camp .capetown .capital .cards
.care .careers .cash .catering
.cc .center .ceo .ch
.cheap .christmas .church .city
.claims .cleaning .click .clinic
.clothing .club .co .coach .codes
.coffee .cologne .com .community
.company .computer .condos .construction
.consulting .contractors .cooking .cool
.country .credit .creditcard .cricket
.cruises .cymru .dance .dating .deals .degree .delivery
.democrat .dental .dentist .desi
.diamonds .diet .digital .direct
.directory .discount .domains .durban
.education .email .energy .engineer
.engineering .enterprises .equipment .estate .eus .events .exchange
.expert .exposed .fail .farm
.fashion .finance .financial .fish
.fishing .fitness .flights .florist
.flowers .fm .forsale .foundation
.fund .furniture .futbol .gal
.gallery .garden
.gift .gifts .gives .glass
.global .graphics .gratis
.green .gripe .guide .guitars
.guru .haus .healthcare .help
.hiphop .hiv .holdings .holiday
.horse .host .hosting .house
.how .immo .immobilien
.industries .info .ink .institute
.insure .international .investments .io
.jetzt .joburg .juegos
.kaufen .kim .kitchen .kiwi
.koeln .la .land
.lawyer .lease .legal .life
.lighting .limited .limo .link
.loans .london .luxury .maison
.management .market .marketing .me .media .memorial .menu
.mobi .moda .moe .money
.mortgage .mx .nagoya .name
.navy .net .network .ninja .onl .org
.partners .parts .party .photo
.photography .photos .pics .pictures
.pink .pizza .place .plumbing
.poker .press .productions .properties
.property .pub .pw
.qpon .quebec .recipes .red
.rehab .reisen .rentals .repair
.report .republican .rest .restaurant
.reviews .rich .rip .rocks
.rodeo .saarland
.sarl .schule .science .scot .services .sexy
.shiksha .shoes .singles .social
.software .solar .solutions .soy
.space .supplies .supply .support
.surf .surgery .sx .systems
.tattoo .tax .technology .tel
.tienda .tips .tires .tk
.today .tokyo .tools .town
.toys .trade .training .tv
.uk .university
.uno .vacations
.vegas .ventures .vet .viajes
.villas .vision .vodka .vote
.voting .voyage .wales .watch
.webcam .website .wedding .wien
.wiki .work .works .world
.ws .wtf .xxx .xyz
.yoga .yokohama .zone

Buy a new domain with WHOIS privacy

If you're registering new domains or transferring yours to 123-reg, you'll be offered the domain WHOIS privacy protection service during the order process. Get started now!

Enter below the name you want to register, click "Search" and we'll check its availability for you. When you've found your dream web address available, register it before anyone else gets a chance. During the registration process you'll be able to get the privacy protection service to keep your personal information safe.

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Keep your details private

It's easy to keep your details safe. Simply register a new domain name or transfer yours to 123-reg and during the order process you will have the option to add the privacy service that will keep your personal information private.

WHOIS Privacy services for a domain you already own

If you want to add domain WHOIS privacy protection to a domain you already control through 123-reg, log in to your control panel. You will find an option to add it there.

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Top reasons to get WHOIS privacy:

  • Protect your identity
  • Hide your personal details
  • Avoid spammers and scammers
  • Small annual fee

WHOIS Privacy for a domain you already own

If you want to add WHOIS privacy to a domain you already control through 123-reg, log in to your control panel. There's an option to add WHOIS privacy there.

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Q.How do I get WHOIS privacy? 

If you're buying new domain names, you can add WHOIS privacy during the order process. To add it to a domain that you already own, log in to your 123-reg control panel.

Q.What is WHOIS privacy? 

WHOIS lookup allows any person to search for information about a website including but not limited to domain name registry, DNS record and domain renewal details.

WHOIS privacy is a service that keeps your personal information private when you register domain names.

Personal information may refer to your name, address, email address, telephone number and more. This information is viewable through the publicly-searchable WHOIS database. One can use the WHOIS service to search for specific information about a certain website and view its DNS info by running a DNS records lookup.

We can help you keep your details private and safe by replacing them with the details of our privacy service.

Once you have purchased WHOIS privacy, you can turn it on and off whenever you like. However, if you turn it off, your personal details will be publicly visible again.

Q.Which domain names can I get WHOIS privacy for? 

WHOIS privacy is available for such extensions as .com, .net,, .org, .info, .me, and .co. Click here to see the full list of domain extensions eligible for WHOIS privacy.

Q.How long can I buy WHOIS privacy for? 

You can buy WHOIS privacy annually. Please note that the costs for this service are not refundable.

This means that if you purchase our privacy service for a domain you are planning to let expire, you may not claim a refund for the period after your domain expires.

Q.What information will be displayed for my domain names? 

We use a privacy service,, to hide your details. The service's information will be displayed instead of your own details.

You will receive an email address so people with legitimate queries about your domain can still get in touch with you. This will forward messages onto your main mail address.

Q.Can I choose what information to display? 

No. There are strict regulations on what information can be displayed. It is important for members of the public to be able to contact you if they have a question about your domain. The details ensure this is still possible.

Q.Do I still own my domain name? 

Yes. The service simply protects your privacy. It does not change who owns your domain name.

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