Personal Email address

Personalise your email address with your domain name to give your email that extra professional look and feel.

You can choose what you want before and after the '@' sign so by using an existing domain or by registering a new one, you could setup customised addresses such as joe.blogs@mydomain.co.uk.

Access from anywhere

With our Webmail system you can get your messages and manage your personal email from any device with an internet connection.

And with email features like integrated calendar, tasks and address book, your personal email will include all the tools you need to stay organised.

Manage everything together

Simplify your communication by integrating your Web-based email services, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, Facebook and Twitter with your 123-mail account. Access contacts, read RSS feeds and view emails all from one centralised location.

Your choice of mail clients

With 123-mail you can choose to manage your personal email using any of the most popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, MacMail, Eudora, Thunderbird, and many others.

Plenty of storage

With 123-mail you get 1 GB storage with our Personal package or 2 GB with Business. That's plenty of space to manage your personal email boxes and messages. What's more we also allow you to send huge attachments that are up to 50 MB!

Mobility (Included with Business and optional for Personal Email)

With mobility you can keep your appointments, contacts, mails and tasks "synced" whether you are working with your PC or on the road with your Smartphone. Make sure you are always connected and never miss important emails or updates.

Stay protected

Protect yourself from internet threats with built-in Spam and Virus protection. With 123-mail, you can say goodbye to junk mail that clogs up your inbox and reduce your vulnerability to email based viruses. With our email hosting solution, you can rest assured your personal email is kept spam-free.

Catch-all addresses

123-mail gives you the option of creating catch-all email addresses so any mail sent to an email address for your domain that does not exist can be captured. So you will never miss emails sent to a misspelt address ever again.

Additional features Included with Business:

Hassle free management

Eliminate the hassle and expense of managing your own email server. With Business mail from 123-reg you won't waste your valuable time backing-up data or updating servers. As your business email provider, we'll handle those headaches for you so you can enjoy using your business email to communicate and get things done.

Stay Connected

123-mail ensures your business can stay connected and your employees cannot just communicate but work together in a more efficient manner. 123-mail Business has the functionality that allows employees to share information, update a document, manage a schedule, or even view each other's calendar. When you have a business email from 123-reg, you have included all the tools you need to work successfully with your team.

Email Sync

A simple plug-in for Outlook-type clients allows you to sync not only your email, but also your contacts, calendar and tasks so you can work with the business email program of your choice.

Document Management

With Business email from 123-reg, editing and managing group projects just got easier. Your team can work together in a way they have never been able to. Your business emails come with everything they need within easy reach as documents are stored in a centralised area allowing easy sharing and collaboration.

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