Receive email on your mobile with Mobility

Mobility allows you to keep your appointments, contacts, mails and tasks “synced” whether you are working with your PC or on the road with your Smartphone. Make sure you are always connected and never miss important updates wherever you are.

Mobile phone email on the go

Your appointment, contacts, messages and tasks are always up-to-date whether you are working in the office, at home or on the road you always have the latest information. Plus, you don't need to download anything - once you've purchased our Mobility add-on, you just need to configure your phone and you're good to go.

With the 123-reg Mobility add-on, working remotely is easy and enables you to send and receive messages, manage your tasks and appointments from anywhere there's an Internet connection. We understand how important it is to stay connected and have up-to-date information, so with the 123-reg Mobility add-on you can send email to mobile and have the information you need, when you need it.


Your appointments, contacts, mails and tasks
are always "synced" whether you are working
with your PC or on the road with your Smartphone.

Compatible with all the latest smartphones, for example:
Blackberry*, Android, Nokia S60, Windows Mobile & iPhone

Timing is everything

The best thing about mobile phones with email is that you can send and receive messages wherever you are. Contacts, messages, tasks and appointments – they're all kept up-to-date. This allows you to be more productive, more efficient and always informed as you won't miss anything when you have mobile email.

Our mobile mail add-on is optimised for mobile devices giving you easy and on-time access to your 123-mail even when you're offline, travelling or having issues with your device.

The optimised web application for mobile phones gives you peace of mind knowing that you can:

  • Get access to appointments, messages and contacts via your mobile phone, tablet or other Internet capable device (IOS, Android, Blackberry* or Windows) from anywhere there's an Internet connection.
  • Access your email offline and compose new messages when you don't have an Internet connection. When you reconnect, all your outbound messages will be sent automatically.
  • Use your travel time efficiently without having to wait to get to the office to read and reply to emails.
  • Still have access to all your contacts from any other device in case you lose yours. With an easy-to-remember URL, you can quickly log into the web application that gives you access to your contacts.

Wait, there's more…

With the 123-reg mobile email you can also connect to your favourite social networks and easily reach your friends, family and business contacts wherever you are. You can add connections from Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing to your address book in 123-reg webmail.

With mobile email, you can finally have it all

With our add-on you can finally have it all: contacts, messages, appointments and tasks. This will help you stay connected and on top of all your communications, no matter where you are, at the office, at home or on the road.

Our add-on is compatible with all major operating systems including iOS, Blackberry*, Nokia S60, Windows Mobile and Android.

* Blackberry mobiles require installation of a third party application.

Mobility features

  • Real-time syncing with smart phone and webmail
  • Accepts appointment invitations
  • Organise your meetings
  • Add new addresses
  • Read and answer your emails

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Business Email features

  • Shared contacts, calendars and tasks
  • Document storing
  • Documentation collaboration and versioning control
  • 2GB of space

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