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Easy to use email accounts with that little extra. Not only can you check your mail but also manage your tasks, contacts and calendar from the same place. All in a simple interface with no need to download any software.

Building trust on the Internet starts with a simple personal email address that people use to get in touch with you for the first time. Instead of using a Yahoo or Hotmail email address that most people consider to be untrustworthy, why not get one hosted at your own domain? For instance, wouldn't you rather use as your personal email address?

The 123-mail is easy to use, you can integrate other accounts as well as have Twitter and Facebook feeds coming to your mailbox. All this with an account that you can access anywhere there's an internet connection.


Why you need a personalised email address

Having a free personal email address is fine but unless you want people's first reaction to be "I'm from 1996. What is this Internet you speak of?", then you'd better get yourself a private email address that's personalised to your domain.

With website and email hosting from 123-reg, setting up a personalised email account is not only super easy but it's also free! The monthly price starts at just £0.99 per month with one included mailbox. Our personal email hosting allows you to store 1GB per mailbox, which gives you plenty of room to get chatty with friends, family or clients and also get some work done.

When you have created your private email address, you can use it for anything you need, from managing emails and tasks to adding birthday reminders or appointments to your calendar. And the best thing about our personal email hosting is that you can access your webmail from anywhere there's an Internet connection. So, what are you waiting for? Get your personalised email addresses today and make email personal with your own domain name.

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from £0.99 a month
  • Mailboxes 1
  • Storage 1GB
  • Webmail
  • Mobile access/sync Sold separately

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