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FREE software for your website with no coding necessary

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Set up blogs, stores, galleries, and much more in minutes!

Quickly install and run a blog, content management system, forum, photo gallery, online store, and more with our one-click software installers.

Available with our Linux hosting packages, our apps give you the software you need to run your site without you needing any technical coding skills to use them.

Just pick, click, and install!


Linux apps

There are over 70 applications available with our Linux web hosting plans.

Frequently Asked Questions about 123-apps

  • What are 123-apps?

    They are selectively chosen software that run within your hosting package. Just like a program running on your computer, these apps will let you do different things on your website, such as run a blog, add content to your website, host a photo gallery, sell products online, and more.

    We have selected a range of Linux applications to help you work with your website – they are all free to use, and you can install them with just one click.

  • How do I install the 123-apps?

    Once you have selected and purchased your hosting package, you can install them directly into your account through your 123-reg control panel. You can read our article on installing 123-apps for more information.

  • Can I get more?

    The number of applications you can install depends on which hosting package you purchase. Many require the use of a database, and the number of applications will depend on how many databases you have available.

    If you decide you want to use more, you can always upgrade to the next package through your 123 Reg control panel.

  • Can I remove an application if I change my mind?

    Of course you can – it frees up space and lets you install a different app. You can do it from your 123 Reg control panel.

  • Can I set up an app on a subdomain?

    Yes! You can create different subdomains and use them for different parts of your website with our 123-apps. For example, if you wanted a blog and an online store, you can install WordPress into http://blog.yourdomain.co.uk and osCommerce into http://store.yourdomain.co.uk.

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