An open source CMS revolutionary in its simplicity

This easy-to-use open source content management system will help you get your website online in minutes. Get it free with any hosting package from 123-reg.

What is Concrete5?

It's an open source content management system that allows you to manage the content on your site while saving you a ton of precious time that you can use focusing on more important tasks.

With Concrete5 you can:

  • Easily build and manage a site
    Concrete5 CMS has one of the most user-friendly CMSs you will ever use for building and managing a website. Not only is it extremely easy to set up and use but it's also fantastic for beginners with no coding skills whatsoever.
  • Edit directly from your browser
    What makes this CMS so popular is the fact that you can edit a web page directly from your browser in just a matter of minutes. All you need to do is click the 'Edit' button, make the necessary changes, see a preview of the new page and click post for the changes to go live.
  • Roll back to a previous version of a page
    One of the great features of this open source CMS is that it keeps page revisions, making it simple to roll back to the previous version of a web page. This allows you to see what has changed from the previous version just in case you want to go back.
  • Add extra functionality to your site
    Concrete5 CMS comes packed with loads of add-ons that you can install and use to add forms, guestbooks, surveys and more. Browse through the available add-ons and install the ones that you need to make your website more attractive for your visitors.

Concrete5 - Business Hosting

from £4.16£4.99 a month
  • Free domain 1
  • Web space 50 GB
  • Data limit Unlimited
  • Mailboxes 500
  • Concrete5 Sites 5

Plus one-off setup fee of £9.99 + VAT at 20%£11.99 incl. VAT

  • Join an active and helpful community
    The Concrete5 CMS has a huge loyal user base and community that you can use if you ever run into trouble and need some extra help. There's also lots of documentation, guides and tips for editors and developers alike so you can make the most of Concrete5.

Choose any hosting package from 123-reg and you'll get to install Concrete5 CMS for free.