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Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) that is being used by millions of website owners worldwide. The reason why so many choose this platform to build and manage their sites is that it enables users, no matter their technical skills, to easily publish and manage the content on a website. Whether it's a blog, a forum, a corporate or an ecommerce site, it's all possible in Drupal.

When it comes to basic installation and administration, even inexperienced users can find their way around with no difficulty. In addition, like any other application that cannot survive without active support from its community, Drupal has managed to build a large and loyal community of both users and contributors.

Why use Drupal?

Easy-to-use web interface

Manage your site with Drupal's easy-to-use web interface. Publishing text, video, podcasts and polls as well as reviewing content before it goes live and having access to real-time statistics makes working with this CMS a breeze.

Setting user permissions

As an admin, you have complete control over who can view, create, publish, administer and interact with your site. You can set different levels of administrative and access rights for users so they can either publish content freely or submit it to you first for review. In addition, you decide which content can be made public and which needs to be kept private.

More efficient collaboration

The Workflow module makes collaboration more efficient as the admin decides the steps needed for content to become public for everyone to read. In addition, users can create public or private working groups or Drupal-powered collaborative websites where they can discuss new projects and brainstorm ideas.

Highly usable and interactive websites

There are plenty of themes you can download and try out to offer your visitors a truly unique experience on your site. The themes are customisable which means you can change just about everything from colours, graphic elements and more. However, if you have no design skills you might need to hire a web designer to customise it for you.

More than 16,000 available modules

Extend the functionality of your site with Drupal's vast collection of add-on modules. Instead of buying or developing an add-on yourself, first go through the 16,000 modules already available and use them to enrich your site by adding image galleries, calendars, social media sharing options and more.

Some extra features you can't be without

  • Personalised dashboard

    You can easily personalise your admin page so you have quick access to the features and tools you use most - whether these are links to manage your content, new comments approval, SEO check and more.
  • Social networking integration

    Social media modules such as Facebook Connect, Twitter and ShareThis allow you to engage with your audience by displaying tweets or Facebook status updates on your site and also by sending updates on Twitter or Facebook whenever you publish new content.
  • Display your location

    Use the GMap (Google Maps) module to put a clickable map on your site and show users where your business is located (very useful if you have more than one location). You can also create interactive maps with markers and content in map bubbles.
  • Ecommerce and advertising integration

    Integrate ecommerce and advertising into your site with modules like Drupal Commerce and Ubercat that allow you to create an eshop by providing a simple shopping cart system for listing products, managing orders, running auctions or receiving donations.

Drupal includes more than 16,000 modules that you can use to build, customise and promote your website. So, if it sounds like the perfect solution for you, get the Drupal app and start using it today!

Version 7.9
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