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Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) and it's being used by millions of website owners worldwide. The reason why so many choose this platform to build and manage their sites is that it enables users, no matter their technical skills, to easily publish and manage the content on a website. Whether it's a blog, a forum, a corporate or an ecommerce site, it's all possible in Drupal.

When it comes to basic installation and administration, even an inexperienced user can find his way around with no difficulty. In addition, like any other application that cannot survive without active support from its users, Drupal has managed to build quite a large and loyal community of both users and contributors.

With Drupal you can:

  • Administer your site
    From the admin you can manage the content, the appearance, structure and configuration of your site and the user accounts. When it comes to your site's layout, there are a lot of Drupal themes you can download and try out. They're highly customisable which means you are able to change just about everything from colours, graphic elements and more. However, if you have no design skills you will probably need to hire a web designer to customise it for you.
  • Connect and promote your site
    You can use various modules to publish your site via RSS feeds (e.g. Aggregation module), make your content search engine friendly (e.g. XML sitemap module) or integrate social networks to connect with users (e.g. Facebook Connect module, Twitter module or ShareThis module). These modules are extremely useful in promoting your website or products and services as well as ensuring your message gets across to your audience.
  • Create and publish content
    You don't need to have coding skills to create, organise and publish content. Drupal modules have been specifically created to make your life easier and allow you or your users to add pages, blog posts, images, video podcasts and voting widgets. With the WYSIWYG module, users can easily create rich text content.
  • Build websites
    While this is a developer-friendly open source CMS, it doesn't necessarily mean you need advanced programming skills to use it. Drupal core, the standard release of Drupal, includes modules that the administrator of a website can enable when he wants to configure or customise the functionality of a website to fit a specific purpose. If you're running more than one site, you can use the Multi-site feature. This allows you to manage all your websites with a single installation, thus saving you a lot of time.
  • Share content
    The administrator has complete control over the content that's made public on the site and the content that is kept private. He can give administrator or flexible content access rights to editors so they can publish freely, or limited access, by having them submit the content for review. The Workflow module allows the admin to change the status of the content from private to public. This means that once it's published, it becomes public and everyone can read it and share their comments.

Drupal includes more than 6,000 modules that you can use to build, customise and promote your website. So, if this CMS sounds like the perfect solution for you to build and manage your site, try it now.

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