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Now, more than ever, it's important to be social online. With free online community software you can easily create a powerful social hub for your organisation. This allows users to create profiles, post messages, make tens of connections and interact with new people based on their interests. You can even create open or closed group discussion forums where users with the same interests and passions can engage in conversation.

What are social networks?

If you've ever updated your Facebook status, posted 140-character messages on Twitter, shared photos via Flickr or made a business contact through LinkedIn, then you've used at least one social networking site. But what exactly is it used for?

It's an online platform that focuses on building social relations between people who share the same interests, passions, backgrounds or are part of the same company. These sites allow users to share ideas, events, and activities within a certain group of connections.

With free online community software you can build a social network and connect with friends, family, university colleagues, business contacts or work colleagues. While it's a great tool to keep in touch with friends and family, companies have also started to tap into the power of online communities to reach their target audience.

Why make a social network website?

It's not just a nice form of entertainment but also a great channel for meeting people with similar interests. Plus, if used right, it can be a very effective tool for entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking to acquire new customers.

They are also very easy to use. You create a profile, add friends or connections depending on your interests and then join groups where you start engaging with other people. Some social networks also allow you to create your own blog, making it easier to keep people informed on what you've been up to or what interesting articles you've been reading.

Most sites also provide a variety of widgets, allowing you to add slideshows, photo galleries, guest books, events calendars or videos to your group posts or to your blog.

Which online community software can I use?

With any hosting package from 123-reg, you can download and use any of the following community apps that allow you to build a social network easily:


BuddyPress is a free app that lets users sign-up and create profiles, post messages, interact in groups and much more. With BuddyPress you'll find it easy to build a community for your company where staff members can socialise and exchange ideas, propose activities or schedule events. Of course, you can use this social network software to create any kind of community you'd like, whether it's for school or for catching up with old friends.

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Elgg is open source community software that helps universities, businesses and organisations to create online groups. You can create a site and customise its layout and also add your own company logo. Users can blog, share files, network, create separate groups and more.

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Pligg is an open source Content Management System that powers thousands of social publishing community sites. Users can submit and promote content that they find useful, interesting and worth sharing. In addition, they can vote on stories that they enjoyed reading.

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StatusNet is free social software that you can use to make a social network. StatusNet allows you to send status updates into your social group, thus making it similar to Twitter. Main features include groups, automatic URL shortening, attachments, embedding of content from other sites like YouTube and Flickr, and many more.

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Drupal is a free content management system that makes managing the content on your site a breeze. Whether you have a personal blog, a corporate or e-commerce website, if you have a lot of content, Drupal can make your life easier and save you previous time.

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Joomla is another open source content management system and one of the popular ones when it comes to building sites and online apps. It's a great solution to create and publish content on a site, even if you're not a programming guru. This software is easy to install and you can use it to manage all your web content, whether it's text, images, audio and video files or any other type of content.

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So, what are you waiting for? Order any of our hosting packages and you can start building a cool social network with one of these free apps.

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