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Create your own media gallery website today. With every hosting package from 123-reg you get free online photo gallery apps like Coppermine, Gallery Server Pro and more!

Whether you're a photographer, a 3D graphic designer or a musician, having a media gallery website can make all the difference. Not only will you be able to showcase your work or products in a more attractive way with images and videos but your visitors will also enjoy spending more time on your site. So, if you're looking to stay ahead of your competition, make a photo gallery website today!

Free media gallery apps

Coppermine Online Photo Gallery

Coppermine Online Photo Gallery is an open source app and one of the most popular ones available for free that helps you organise your images in albums and categories. You can also add captions, titles and descriptions for each picture and also enable a slideshow to better showcase your images.

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Gallery is an easy to install and use free online photo gallery. You can use it to upload and publish photos or entire photo albums to your site. Plus, you can also manipulate images before publishing them on your site.

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Gallery Server pro

Gallery Server Pro is a free app that lets you share photos, audio and video files and any other type of files and documents on the Internet. For example, you can upload your images, organise them into albums and then share them on the web for the world to see. If you want to share a YouTube video, you only need to add the embed code and the video will run on your site but from YouTube's web servers.

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Zenphoto is the open source CMS with all the functionality and features you need for your multimedia focused site. It's an easy solution to manage interactive web content, such as images, audio and video files.

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Tell a friend

Tell a friend is an open-source community builder software that allows you to create a network where people are able to connect with each other based on their hobbies and interests.

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WebRing is a free social network software that allows people to discover and share interesting topics (also known as WebRings) as well as meet people with the same interests.

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Want to make a photo gallery website? With any hosting package from 123-reg you'll get to install any of these free apps and start your own media website in a matter of minutes. Sharing images and videos on the web has never been easier so get your site up and running today!

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