Free online survey software

Get valuable feedback from customers and employees using a free survey service.

Create professional surveys for your customers directly from your domain and get the feedback you need to improve your business. The online survey service is free with any 123-reg hosting package.

Getting feedback from your customers can help you make better decisions for your business. No matter what business you're in, it's important to find out what your customer think. Online survey software can come in handy when you're trying to get the answers you need to run your business smarter.

Do you know what your customers think?

If you've ever wondered what your customers think about your company and the products or services you are selling, there's no better way to find out than through an online survey. In such a competitive marketplace where social media has given customers a voice, now it's more important than ever to know what they're saying about you.

Survey software can help you create questionnaires that give you a better understanding on what your customers like and dislike about your business, and what you can do to improve. Customer surveys also show that you care enough to ask for their opinion which ultimately helps build customer loyalty and boost sales.

Why use a free online survey service?

Because it's a free survey tool that gives you insights into what people like or dislike about your business and your products or services. For example, a survey can help you see what your customers think about your prices: are they too high or just right? If you're considering launching a new product, you can also use a survey to determine just how much your customers would be willing to pay for it.

You can also use it to see how well your staff is doing on customer service. You might even use a free online survey service to contact former customers and figure out why they stopped doing business with you. Even if you won't be able to get them back, you'll at least know what to do better in the future to retain your customers.

You can use online surveys to get answers on:

  •  Why you lost customers and what you can do to win them back
  •  What would make a great product and what features it needs to include for your customers to buy it
  •  How to improve your current products or services
  •  What you're doing right, what you're doing wrong and how you can create a better shopping experience for your customers
  •  Who your potential customers are? Find out a bit more about potential target markets, such as gender, age, income, hobbies and more.

Free online survey solutions

When you get your hosting package from 123-reg, you'll be able to use one of the below free survey apps so you can start soliciting and analysing feedback from customers and run a successful business that customers love.

Web Survey

Web Survey is a useful app that allows you to create custom questionnaires that you can then use to ask your customers or even company staff for feedback and suggestions.

Get Web Survey now 

Lime Survey

LimeSurvey is an open source survey tool that you can use for any type of data collection. Some of the main features include: template editor so you can create your own page layout, open and closed group of participant surveys and integration of pictures and even movies into your questionnaire.

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Ready to get the answers you need from your customers? Install one of these two free online survey apps with any of our UK hosting packages and start growing a successful business.

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