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What is project management?

Simply put, it's a strategic way of organising a project to reach specific business goals and thus, better compete in your market.

A project can be anything from launching a new product or service to organising a wedding. Any project consists of various resources such as people, money and time that need to be utilised to lead to great results.

Project management is a vital component of any business operation, no matter how small. It has also become the key to success in a global business environment where businesses are always on the lookout for an edge over their competition.

Why use online project management software?

Because it helps you oversee a project from beginning to end and ensure it meets its goals, budget and timeframe. Not only does it force you to get organised but it also increases productivity.

It can help you:

  •  Understand the needs of customers and stakeholders
  •  Plan what needs to be done, when and by whom
  •  Coordinate the work of all people involved in the project
  •  Build and motivate the team
  •  Monitor the work that's being done
  •  Adapt to any changes made to the initial plan
  •  Deliver great results.

The best project management software at 123-reg

You can download and install a variety of management tools with any hosting package from 123-reg.

Dot Project

Dot Project is a free application that lets you manage projects, tasks, meetings, contacts and support tickets easily. It also includes modules for multi-language support as well as a user permission feature that allows you to assign tasks to certain members of your team.

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PHProjekt is free project management software that helps you manage multiple projects and clients at the same time. Work more efficiently by setting deadlines for each task and improve communication between members of your team by using the different collaboration modules included in this app.

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Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is one of the best open source customer relationship and online project management tools on the web. It's very useful if you're thriving to always provide your customers with the best support they can get. You can also use it to find new marketing opportunities.

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Simple Invoice

Simple Invoices is an open source invoicing system that makes it easy to send invoices and manage your finances from anywhere there's an Internet connection.

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RoundCube Webmail

RoundCube Webmail is a free multi-lingual webmail solution that includes features like MIME support, folder manipulation, address book, searching and spell checking.

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PHPMyFAQ is open source Frequently Asked Questions software that helps you manage users, groups, news, questions and comments from users. This is a great tool that you can use to get more feedback from your site visitors and customers.

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Crafty Syntax Live Help

Crafty Syntax Live Help is free project management software that allows you to provide live support on your website. Increase sales by answering your users' questions and addressing their concerns in real-time.

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MantisBT is a powerful open source online bug tracking system that lets you check your projects for bugs. This free tool helps ensure that all the projects you're managing have no bugs or issues that need fixing.

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OsTicket is a flexible and easy to use open source customer support management software. It provides you with an online support ticket system that's great for organising and managing customer feedback.

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WebCalendar is a free project management tool that helps you keep track of every appointment, deadline or upcoming event. The best thing about it is that you have the option to share a calendar with your team so that everyone is kept up-to-date with upcoming meetings or project deadlines.

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Form to Email

Form to Email is the quickest way to process web forms such as Contact or Feedback forms and send the contents of the forms to your email. While this free management software doesn't actually make forms, it does come with HTML code that allows you to create a basic contact form to use on your site. It's very easy to install and all you need to do is add your email address so it knows where to send you the content from the forms. This app is available with both our Linux and Windows hosting packages.

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Trouble Ticket Express

Trouble Ticket Express is an open-source issue ticket system for monitoring support tickets. It uses a CGI script on your website for bug tracking, customer support, project management, and to-do lists. The software assigns a unique ID for each submitted ticket so everything can be solved quickly and efficiently.

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SquirrelMail is an open-source web-based email applications that allows you to read, send and receive email message through a web browser. The software is packed with great plugins that allow you spell check and filter emails as well as add calendars. SquirrelMail is available in over 50 languages including Spanish, French, German and Chinese.

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