Web Content Management System

This Web CMS allows you to get a website online in minutes due to its custom written user-friendly backend modules. Get it free with any hosting package from 123-reg!

What is TYPO3?

It's an enterprise open source web content management system that lets you build and manage any kind of website, no matter how large or complex. This powerful TYPO3 web CMS is packed with advanced features like multilingual sites and permissions control and it also has loads of extensions that you can add to your site to enhance its functionality.

With TYPO3 you get:

  • Multi-site management
    Install it once and you can build and update multiple sites that share the same users, extensions or more. This helps save a lot of time, especially if you're managing several sites at the same time.
  • Flexible permissions control
    TYPO3 makes it easy to collaborate and share tasks. For example, if you're an admin and you have several authors adding content to your site, you can set user permissions so they don't get in each other's way. If you want to take it one step further, you can also create groups for content managers, editors, developers and more.
  • Full control over the changes made on your site
    TYPO3 web CMS also provides a module that lets you restore the previous version of your web page in seconds. This is very useful and reassuring, especially if you're managing a large site with several administrators.

TYPO3 - Business Hosting

from £4.16£4.99 a month
  • Free domain 1
  • Web space 50 GB
  • Data limit Unlimited
  • Mailboxes 500
  • TYPO3 Sites 5

Plus one-off setup fee of £9.99 + VAT at 20%£11.99 incl. VAT

  • Access to a large extension repository
    TYPO3 gives you access to thousands of extensions created by the TYPO3 community, such as image galleries, newsfeeds, blogs, discussion boards and more. These add-ons are great for adding extra functionality to your site.

Ready to get started? Get the TYPO3 web CMS free with your preferred 123-reg hosting package and building as well as managing multiple sites at the same time will be a breeze.