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Choose the best Content Management System to easily manage your site content.

Publishing and managing the content on your site can be a breeze when you're working with great free CMSs like Wordpress, Moodle, Drupal and many others. Get the one that best suits your needs with any hosting package from 123-reg.

What is a CMS and why you need one?

Everyone needs a website CMS as it provides all the tools you need to add, edit and manage a website easily. It's the web application that covers the complete lifecycle of a website, from using a template to give it the look and feel you want to creating content and publishing it online.

You can also manage the structure of your site through your CMS as well as its appearance and navigation. So, not only does a website CMS help you manage your website but it also takes care of "behind the scenes" work such as:

  •  Write freely about the things you're interested in, whether it's skydiving, photography, cooking or shopping.
  •  Give a personality and a voice to your brand, no matter what business you're in.
  •  Be the conversation starter. Communicate with your (potential) customers in a more informal setting and encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions on subjects that matter to you.
  •  Keep readers up-to-date with the latest on your company. Share news about new products, awards you've won and more.
  •  Establish your company as an expert in your industry and build customer trust by providing valuable content.

No matter what business you're in, if you have one or several websites you need a CMS to manage it hassle-free.

Choosing the best content management system

It may be difficult to find the website CMS that best meets your requirements. However, with any hosting package from 123-reg you can install and use the best CMSs available, including WordPress CMS, Joomla CMS and Drupal CMS.


Concrete5 is an open source CMS used for publishing content on the Internet. Even users with minimum technical skills can use it to edit text directly from the web page. That's the main reason users love it, because they can just click "edit" and make changes in a few seconds directly from their web browser.

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Geeklog is the free CMS for managing dynamic web content. Its features include: creating, scheduling, publishing and editing articles, embedding images or any type of multimedia files into posts and also filtering offensive language.

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Mambo CMS

Mambo CMS is an open source CMS that provides a simple web interface for creating and managing websites. This powerful web app can save you time by automating several tasks, such as web indexing of static web pages.

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MODX is a flexible content management system that gives you the freedom to build a site the way you've imagined it. The platform allows you to create and manage websites in multiple languages no matter how large.

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Nucleus Blog

Nucleus Blog lets you maintain your blog on your own server. It's a simple, lightweight CMS that you can use to manage your website's content.

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Textpattern is the open source CMS that helps you publish web content without having to learn HTML. Plus, it provides UTF-8 publishing and support for various languages allowing you to create and update your site with text written in multiple languages.

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Typo3 is a good alternative to WordPress CMS for those who need to create many websites for their clients. However, it may not be the best solution for beginners as there is a lot of documentation involved.

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Zenphoto is the open source CMS with all the functionality and features you need for your multimedia focused site. It's an easy solution to manage interactive web content, such as images, audio and video files.

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Drupal is being used by millions of site owners around the world. You can use it to publish and manage your website, whether you own a blog, an online forum or an e-commerce site. You can also make use of its 6,000 modules to customise your website and make it more appealing to your target audience.

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WordPress is the most popular and some say the best content management system on the Internet. It allows you to build a site with thousands of choices of free templates as well as create, publish and promote your web content. In addition, you can install the Google Analytics plugin to keep track of your visitors' activity on your site as well as other plugins that make it more attractive and easier to find on the web.

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Moodle is a fantastic tool for teaching classes on the Internet. This e-learning application makes it easy for teachers to create online courses and training programs that are personalised to each group of students.

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Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS is one of the best solutions for building websites and online applications. You can use it manage all your web content including photos, audio and video files and any other type of documents and files. Joomla CMSs are easy to use even by those with no technical skills and they're great tools for creating all types of websites: eshops, online forums, online magazines or corporate.

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My Web Pages Starter Kit

My Web Pages Starter Kit is a free and open source CMS that helps you build your site and maintain it effortlessly. Aside from creating web pages and organising your content, this application also allows you to invite users to participate to your events by adding Event List modules. There are many other great modules you can add to your site to make it more interactive.

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AtomSite is a free content management systems that makes it so simple to manage your blogs and publish content online. The great thing about it is that you can do that via Windows Live Writer. You can also have multiple authors write for you and you can schedule your articles for publishing to ensure they go live when your site is most visited.

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CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple, also known as CMS-MS, is an open-source content management system that provides a simple and quick way to create a professional-looking website and manage its content and layout. It's a good alternative to WordPress and it can be used by small businesses as well as multinational corporations.

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Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is one of the best known .NET open source CMS platforms for publishing content on the web and intranets. It was built on Microsoft's .NET technology stack and specifically designed for .NET web developers, making it perfect for professional use. You can get Umbraco CMS only with our Windows hosting package.

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SilverStripe is a simple open-source content management system for creating and managing websites. It can easily be used by anyone without needing to know HTML. With SilverStripe you can create new web pages, edit content, add images, video or Flash animations into your web pages as well as assign different user roles and permissions for each section or page on your site.

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Simple Blog

Simple Blog is a free CMS that allows you to create a blog and manage its layout and content easily. There's no administrator so all users who have the master password can access and edit the blog. Simple Blog is available only with our 123-reg Windows hosting package.

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Ready to get started building your site? Whichever hosting package you choose, you'll be able to install and use a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal CMS or any other that suits your needs.

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