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Your website’s a big step towards starting your business and it’s easier than you think

“I always think of a spice stall in Morocco, all those lovely spices but they still need someone outside tempting you in. That’s now my website, always tempting people in.”

Edmund Draycott,
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Save £130

Special offer! Website Builder for £1 a month

Save £130 today. Offer includes our easy-to-use Website Builder, a UK domain and Email.

Website Builder turns people who think they can’t create a website into people who can

Whatever your level of confidence with computers, with 123 Reg’s Website Builder all you need is the desire to get your show on the road (or rather online) and you will.

It’s designed to be intuitive. The step-by-step instructions are amazingly simple and nothing’s irreversible so there’s no need to worry about making mistakes.

There’s also a huge selection of professionally designed templates for you to choose from so you can be sure of building a site you’ll be proud of. And that will do your new venture justice.


Click on a template to start your online journey for FREE!

Everything you need to build your dream site

Create, customise, and achieve online greatness with ease
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Build a website unique to your business

Customise each element in our modern professionally designed templates to make your site as individual as your business. Add images, change colours, and design your site quickly and easily.

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No technical experience necessary

Our drag-and-drop interface means anyone can build a powerful and beautiful website without needing to know how to code. Simply choose the template you want, change the images, and enter in your text.

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Looks great on all devices

All our templates are responsive, which means they are fully functional on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This is becoming increasingly important as Smartphones alone are now responsible for a third of all internet access.

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Add popular features instantly

Quickly add in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, and more with our easy to use site widgets and give your customers new ways to interact with your business.

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Sell online securely and easily

Our affordable Business + ecommerce package allows you to easily and securely take payments online with over 30 trusted payment providers, including PayPal, Stripe, and more.

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Everything included in one price

Website Builder comes with a FREE domain name, web space, and personalised business email addresses, giving a convenient way to get your business online.

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Online marketing

Improve your ranking in Google and get found by new customers, with built in Search Engine Optimisation tools. Evaluate your website’s performance using Google Analytics to improve your site.

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Image editing

Our Website Builder software includes an image editor. Crop, add filters, focus an image and add text and frames. Use our comprehensive library of stock images to bring your site to life for no extra cost.

Make life easier for your customers with inSites

Use our inSites widgets to engage even more with your customers, including greeting new visitors, displaying special offers, or changing the look of your site. Our research shows that personalising content for your users can double the chance of them returning to your site and makes them more likely to purchase.


Create a professional site for your business quickly.

Only £4.99 per month
Free domain for 1st year This includes a free domain for your first year using one of the following addresses:,,, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .co or .xyz.
InSites Personalise your site for your visitors and improve engagement by displaying different content that is customised to them.
Email addresses Includes IMAP/POP3 mailbox accounts to send and receive email using your personalised web domain.
Website Analytics See detailed statistics on how your site is performing and see how many visitors you are receiving and where they are coming from.
Automatic Site Backup We keep your website safe and secure by automatically making backups so whatever happens you can be safe in the knowledge your site will not be lost.
Edit by device Edit your website based on the device of your users. Change how your site is displayed on mobile or desktop and customise the user experience of each.
Developer Mode If you are more experienced with web design you may want to edit the code to get even more flexibility with your website. Developer mode lets you get stuck in and edit the HTML directly.
Hide ‘Built with 123’ To remove this link, simply upgrade your package at any time.
eShops Sell your products and services online with our integrated ecommerce components and start making money the easy way.

Business +

Build a more advanced site with added features.

Only £9.99 per month
Free domain for 1st year
Email addresses
Website Analytics
Automatic Site Backup
Edit by device
Developer Mode
Hide ‘Built with 123’

Online Shop

For growing businesses to start selling products online.

Only £14.99 per month
Free domain for 1st year
Email addresses
Website Analytics
Automatic Site Backup
Edit by device
Developer Mode
Hide ‘Built with 123’

Give your customers what they want

All packages come with these and more...
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Social icons

Link to your social media profiles quickly and easily with attractive social icons.

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Image sliders

Add a swipeable image slider to your website to showcase your products and services.

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Google maps

Let people find you by integrating Google Maps in to your website; include step by step directions to your store.

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SEO functionality

Get found by more of your customers with our simple to use, built in Search Engine Optimisation tools.

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Photo galleries

Include a photo gallery on any page to showcase your products, customers or services and ensure they appear in the results for Google’s image search so they can be easily found by potential customers.

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Click to call

Website Builder connects your online and offline business. Your visitors can call in one click from a mobile device which can be limited to office hours. Great for shops, restaurants and professional services who want their customers to call.

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Website Builder allows you to share your knowledge and establish a community with your visitors by creating a blog that integrates smoothly with your website.

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Improve engagement by personalising your site based on how customers found you, where they are, the date, time of day and more.

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Contact forms

Drag and drop a contact form onto your website to give customers a safe and secure way to contact you.

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YouTube video

Embed any YouTube video by dragging this widget into place and take advantage of the internet’s fastest growing search engine.

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I began sound engineering when I was in a band. I got into twiddling the knobs and eventually got into the commercial side. I started my own business so I could be in control of what I do. And what I get paid for it!

My website is like my shop front. The important thing is to get people in, talking. Website Builder’s really easy. Everything’s there ready for you. I got my basic site up in a day. Then I could add bits on like my blog and a bit of e-commerce exactly when I wanted without having to get any help from anyone. Sound. I’d recommend 123 Reg to anyone.

Edmund Draycott,

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Website Builder?

    Website Builder is an all-in-one design package that allows you to create and manage your site without the need for technical knowledge. Choose a template, customise the photos, colours and information, and then publish it to your domain name.

  • What can I do with the Website Builder?

    It makes it easy to build your own website from scratch for your business, club, hobby, or to showcase your work. Automatically produce a site that will work on every device – whether a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, along with the ability to easily customise and add fresh and unique information and features, including ecommerce, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

  • Do I need to buy a separate hosting package?

    Website Builder comes with everything you need to help you build and host your site, including web space, a free domain name, and email accounts. You simply log in and start creating your site in minutes.

  • Do I need any technical knowledge?

    You do not need to know HTML, CSS, or have any other web design skills to build a web site in Website Builder.

  • How long does it take to set it up?

    Website Builder should only take a few minutes to set up and have it ready for you to start building your own site. Importing from your existing site may take slightly longer as we need time to transfer everything over from your previous provider, and if you are transferring a domain name, that may take a few days.

  • How do I move my existing website across?

    Our Import tool will take the text and images from your site and move them into your new Website Builder site. Once your site’s content has moved over, you can customise it as needed.

    The Import tool does not move your entire website over. You may need to add new sections or edit existing sections in order to have the site work effectively for use across mobile, tablets and desktops.

  • How do I get help using Website Builder?

    If you need help, please visit our Support Site. We have plenty of information there and it’s likely that we’ve already answered your question.

    You can also get in touch with us through the Support Site. Log in and use “Ask a Question” to get help.

  • Can I buy Website Builder without a domain?

    Without a domain, people will not be able to find your site. Your Website Builder comes with a free domain name, but you can also purchase and use another one if you wish to.

  • What domains can I choose from?

    Your domain name can be anything you want, as long as it has one of the following extensions:
    It will be free for the first year of registration, but then you will need to renew it with the standard registration fee after that first year. If you cancel your Website Builder package, you will also need to remember to let the domain name expire, or you will be charged for it even if it isn’t pointing to a site.

  • Can I use a domain name I already own?

    If you have a domain name registered with 123 Reg and you’re not using it with any of our other services, you can add it to your Website Builder package when you order.

    If you’re planning on transferring in a domain name, then make certain the transfer is complete before you purchase your package.

  • Is there a minimum contract when I purchase Website Builder?

    The minimum contract period is 12 months. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. If you choose to pay annually and select either of the Business or the Online Shop packages, you will get two months off the price of your annual cost!

  • Can I upgrade my Website Builder?

    If you’re using Business, Business+, or Business+ Ecommerce and want to take advantage of the extra features available if you upgrade, just log into your 123 Reg control panel and choose the Upgrade option. We’ll calculate the new cost of your package, and adjust the cost accordingly. You do not need to change anything on your website.

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