Everybody has to start somewhere

Do you want to make a website? If this is your first website then there might be things you don't know how to do. Ok, you don't understand or don't know how to write web code - but who says you need to? And do you really need to pay a web designer to draw your dream layout for you? What if you could do it yourself with no outside help and without any hassle? We've got the perfect solution for you!

Setting up your first website is a painless experience with our Website Builder Free (at no cost with any existing domain name) as you get to create a free website fast and easily.

With our 'do it yourself' Website Builder you will not only save hundreds of pounds but also days or even weeks of work since you can build a new site in just three easy steps. In a matter of minutes, it will be ready to go online and receive its visitors! There's nothing more exciting than seeing your first site online and knowing you've done it all by yourself with nothing but a free website maker.

In addition, anytime you need to make any changes like adding new content or changing colours to a menu, you can just go in and make them yourself in a few seconds. It's efficient and saves you the time and frustration of having to wait on someone else to do it for you.

Did you know that 20% of website traffic is now from mobile devices? But don't worry as we have you covered because Website Builder optimises the website you create so it is fully compatible with any mobile device. It actually adapts to the device the user is viewing it on. So whether your visitors are viewing your site on a mobile or desktop PC it will still look amazing.

How to create a website for FREE

To make a free website you need to have a domain name registered through 123-reg (so we can activate your site). Your domain name is the unique address for your site. If you don't already own a 123-reg domain, you can either buy a domain or transfer a domain to us from another registrar. Start now!

I own a 123-reg domain Buy a domain Transfer a domain

Build your FREE 2 page website in 3 easy steps

Choose a template

Choose a professionally designed template.

Add your content

Then add your own text, images, video clips and photo galleries.

Publish your website

Website Builder features

Drag & Drop Building

Drag and drop your content where you want it on your web pages. The intuitive interface makes building your website easy as what you see is what you get.

Images, videos and more

Create image galleries and slide shows using the free website creator and also add videos to your make your site stand out from the crowd.

Add Widgets

You can enhance your site by adding Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, RSS feeds, Google Maps and more from inside Website Builder.

What if I need more pages?

When your site grows and you need more pages, it's simple to upgrade from our free website maker to one of our other packages. With just one click you can upgrade to one of our two packages - Basic or Premium - and enjoy all the perks. When upgrading, the site you have created using our free website design and hosting solution will be moved across to the new package exactly as it is so you can retain the site you have already created and nothing is lost.

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