You will have seen the term affiliate marketing being bandied around on the web, and you have probably worked out that it has something to do with making money. But what exactly does an affiliate have to do to make that money?

Affiliates essentially act as middle-men in the world of ecommerce. They earn commission from companies in return for recommending new customers to those companies. Anyone with a website can become an affiliate. Most web sites have a certain amount of ‘white space’ on their pages, and affiliates simply populate this unused space with advertising banners.

Of course some high traffic sites will charge advertisers for the privilege of posting banners on their pages. Although you don’t have to operate in the big league to be a successful affiliate. Even the most low-key sites get at least some visitors. If those visitors happen to be in the market for the product(s) that you’re advertising -  you’re in business!

So how do you set up as an affiliate? Using our very own 123-reg affiliate program as an example, this is how it works:

  1. Sign up to the affiliate network online.
  2. Choose which promotional banners and links you want to post on your website.
  3. Then every time your visitors follow a link to purchase a 123-reg product you earn commission.

It is really that simple.

Being a 123-reg affiliate has never been easier. We’ve just launched our brand new control panel that makes it easier than ever to manage your accounts, check our latest commission rates and choose which advertising media you would like to use on your site.

Best of all you can see exactly how much money you’ve made with up-to-the-minute account summaries. So if you’d like to become a 123-reg affiliate then sign up today.

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