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New domain extension top of the names

By Tim Fuell - April 1, 2011

Word reaches us here at 123-reg of a top secret plan to be unveiled by the internet community later this year: the first in a series of name-based domain names.

.dave will become the first personal name-based domain name extension, with plans to have the same available for general release in time for Christmas.

Following extensive research by UCANN (Universal Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) .dave has been chosen as being likely to be the most popular of name-based domain names as “everybody knows a dave”. The pre-Christmas release is the aim because the registrars see it as the perfect present for those friends and family members who already have everything – and are called Dave.

If the .dave launch is successful, expect to see more name domains to follow, with .sue rumoured to be the first female-based name. Sources tell us .tom and .john are also likely to be early releases, although there are no plans as yet for .barnaby.

When asked for his opinions on the new domain extension, famous celebrity comedian Dave Corman – who once wrote book based on his internet search exploits – said “I can see the potential of it but registering your surname.forename reminds me a bit too much of school.”