Who can register a .UK domain name?

This article will explain what limitations and regulations there are on registering a .UK domain name.

Registrations for .UK domain names work under a process known as Grandfathering. This means that if a domain name with a .CO.UK, or similar, extension has already been taken, then the equivalent .UK domain name can only be registered by the person that owns the original, but only if the domain name was registered before the 28th October 2013.

  • The .CO.UK will always be given .UK rights by default if the .CO.UK domain was registered before 28th October 2013.
  • The .ORG.UK will be given .UK rights if the .CO.UK domain is available, or registered after 28th October 2013, as long as the .ORG.UK was registered before 28th October.
  • The .ME.UK will be given .UK rights if the .CO.UK and .ORG.UK domains are available or were registered after the 28th October 2013, as long as the .ME.UK was registered before 28th October 2013.

If no qualifying 3rd level .UK domain is registered after the launch date on 10th June then the direct .UK will be registered on a first come first served basis. So a new registration will not be linked with the purchase of a .CO.UK domain as it is currently during the preorder stage.

Owners for .co.uk domain names have the right to register the .uk associated extension within a 5 years period.

If a .uk is registered and then cancelled prior to these 5 years, the initial owner will lose the right for its re-registration.

The .uk domain is available on a first come, first served basis. This applies to all such situations, with no exceptions.

For further details, visit registrars.nominet.uk/namespace/uk/launch/q-and-a#faq-id-739

If you are registering a .UK domain name from overseas, and UK address will be required.

Please note: When registering .UK Domain names PO Boxes are not accepted as a valid address. Any new registrations containing a PO Box either as the main address or as an address for service will be rejected.