Ad Builder Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Ad Builder service and are subject to the General Terms which are available to view on the Company website and can be found here. The Client acknowledges and accepts that they are bound by these Terms which are hereby incorporated and made an integral part of the Agreement. In the event of any conflict with the General Terms, these Terms shall prevail.

1. Ad Builder automatically proposes texts for advertisements based on selected keywords, which the Client can change and adapt at any time. The advertisements are placed in search engines and appear in searches for specific keywords.

2. The search engine placements shall be selected at the Company’s discretion.

3. The Company shall monitor generated clicks,the associated performance of the advertising texts and the chosen keywords. In a multi-advertising campaign, the Company reserves the right to automatically change the placement of the advert for the best overall performance of the campaign.

4. The number of clicks depends on various factors, such as the demand for the keywords and the Client‘s budget. The advertisements shall be placed in search engines until the Client‘s daily budget limit has been reached. Pricing for the clicks shall be based on the prices determined by the search engine and portal operators on a pay per click (PPC) basis.

5. The Client shall specify the monthly budget for clicks. The daily budget may be subject to change on a daily basis.

6. The Client must purchase a monthly pre-paid budget to launch advertising campaigns (the “Monthly Advertising Budget“). A 2% advertising fee (the “Advertising Fee“) applies to the Monthly Advertising Budget and will be deducted from the Monthly Advertising Budget accordingly.

7. The maximum Monthly Advertising Budget, based on a calendar month, less the Advertising Fee (the “Maximum Limit“) is distributed pro rata to form a daily budget until the end of the Client’s billing cycle (the “Daily Budget“). For example, where the Client purchases a Monthly Advertising Budget of £1,000, the Client’s daily budget will be £32.66, where the calendar month has 30 days. Should the Client not spend the Daily Budget per day, the Daily Budget is carried forward to the next consecutive day.

8. The Client may change the Monthly Advertising Budget each month.

9. The Client may be unable to spend the entire Monthly Advertising Budget in the following circumstances:

9.1 Where the price for the click of the keyword that the Client is targeting exceeds the Monthly Advertising Budget. For example, if the price for the click of the keyword is £10.00, and the Client’s Monthly Advertising Budget or the Client’s remaining Monthly Advertising Budget is £9.90, the Client is only able to spend £9.90;

9.2 where the Client’s Advertising Budget exceeds the value of the clicks on the last day of the month. In this case, the remainder can only be transferred to the consecutive month if the Licence is renewed; and

9.3 where the Client deactivates an active advertising campaign. Deactiving an advertising campaign will remove the Monthly Advertising Budget.

10. The Monthly Advertising Budget, including a proportion of the unspent Monthly Advertising Budget, is non-refundable. Unspent Monthly Advertising Budget in one month can be carried forward to the following consecutive month, subject to the Maximum Limit.

11. In orer to be able to spend the Monthly Advertising Budget, the Client should ensure that it either spends the entire Monthly Advertising Budget, or renews the Ad Builder product.

12. The Client can suspend the Monthly Advertising Budget, but must maintain the Ad Builder licence.

13. The Client can view statistics (defined keywords, placed advertisements, impressions and clicks) on the applicable advertisements through Ad Builder and Full Marketing Suite.

14. Licence

In order to use the material on the Client’s website, the customer grants the Company a non-exclusive worldwide, free of charge, unlimited and irrevocable license and the right to sub-license for the purposes of copying, distributing, amending, displaying and publicising the content in connection with the service and the Company's business.

15. Google Ads Terms

15.1 The Client’s use of Google Ads will be governed by its policies, terms and conditions which may change from time to time, as set out at (“Google Ads Terms”).

15.2 If the Client breaches the Google Ads Terms, or causes the Company to be in breach of the Google Ads Terms, the Company may terminate or suspend the Service immediately.

15.3 The Company’s starting voucher is not available to Clients who have a Google Ads account which has been active during the last 90 days before the Client starts using the Service.

16. Termination

The Company reserves the right to immediately remove any advertising in the event there is a suspected violation or a clear violation of these Terms or the Google Ads Terms, or if the Service is not feasible for the respective search engines and portal providers for technical purposes.