Search Engine Optimisation

These terms and conditions apply to the Search Engine Optimisation service (the “Terms”) and are subject to the General Terms which are available to view on the Company website and can be found here. In the event of any conflict with the General Terms, these Terms shall prevail.

1. The Search Engine Optimisation (“SEO”) service allows the Client to optimise its site for web searches.

2. The Client can select keywords that are relevant to its business, and a geographical area to target. The SEO service provides the Client with an approximate number of people searching for the Client’s selected keywords in the selected geographical area, as at the time of the Client’s selection. The SEO product may also suggest keywords to the Client which are considered popular in the targeted geographical area, and estimate a price for the Client to appear first on a web search for a particular keyword. Since the suggested keywords and pricing depend on the time of the Client’s search, they are estimates that are subject to change.

3. The SEO product is restricted to the United Kingdom only.

4. The Company and its search engine and directory partners reserve the right to refuse or remove any web page from a search engine’s index for any reason. In addition, the Company explicitly reserves the right to terminate the Client’s use of the SEO product if it comes to the Company’s attention that the Client is using the Service for activities designed to undermine the accuracy, relevance, credibility, or validity of search engine results, such as by “link farming”, “keyword stuffing”, or “spamming” (as such terms are customarily understood in the search engine optimization industry).

5. In addition to the disclaimers in the General Terms, the Company expressly disclaims any guarantee of the level of success you will achieve by using the SEO product. The Client acknowledges and agrees that there is no guarantee that you will be listed by search engines, or that you will achieve significant search engine rankings.