Raise funds to fight HIV & AIDS with the new .hiv domain

If you want to get involved in raising funds to support HIV projects and build awareness of the cause, start by registering a distinctive and charitable .hiv web address in addition to your main website.

This new gTLD is more than just a generic domain. It will be the Red Ribbon of the digital age and will help generate funds to support the cause all around the world, raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS topic and work against the stigmatisation of people living with this virus.

When you register .hiv domain names, the registration fees will be used to finance a micro-donation program to support the cause. In addition, every visit to your new site will donate a small amount of money that will be used for different HIV/AIDS projects.

This is also a great opportunity to show corporate social responsibility as you have the possibility to redirect visitors from your dedicated .hiv site to your standard company website. This brand new extension will soon be available for registration on 123-reg, so check back soon as we'll be releasing more details on this new extension.

What is the .hiv gTLD?

It's the new extension created to serve the HIV/AIDS social cause and it has three fields of impact:

  • Financial support: It helps generate financial resources to support the dedicated all over the world.
  • Awareness: It brings the topic back into the mind of the people.
  • Destigmatisation: It works against the stigmatisation of those living with HIV.

The purpose is to use the Internet as a way of tackling this global problem by making a small donation every time a visitor enters your charitable website. This makes it the perfect web address for companies and social organisations who want to show their support and foster awareness of the cause. There are no registration restrictions for this gTLD which means that any individual or company can pre-order a web address with this extension.

Why register .hiv domain names?

Get a .hiv gTLD in addition to your standard website and get involved in raising funds to support HIV/ AIDS projects and organisations fighting for the end of this virus.

Whether you're an individual, an organisation or a company that's looking to support and raise awareness of this cause, a .hiv gTLD is a good way to start making a difference. This charitable gTLD is also a good opportunity for doctors, clinics and pharmaceutical companies to show their expertise in this medical field and, at the same time, help raise money for the HIV/AIDS cause.

When can I get my .hiv domain?

If you're interested in getting a charitable web address to support the cause, the Sunrise period starts in Mid-September 2013 which is when you can pre-order yours. In Mid-November 2013 this gTLD will become generally available for anyone to register. Check back soon as we'll be announcing more details on the release of the new .hiv extension.

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