Get interactive with .photos and .mov domains

There's no better way to showcase your products or services than with video and images, which is why you should get a dedicated web address with the soon-to-be-released .mov extension or with .photos which is now available for registration on 123-reg. Whichever extension you choose, it can help you deliver personalised customer experience and offer increased levels of interactivity to your target audience.

Whether you choose to create short movies or photo galleries to support and educate your audience, .photos and .mov domains are the perfect tools for increasing conversion rate and building loyalty among your customers. These two gTLDs will be in high-demand so make sure you get your .photos today or check back soon to pre-order your favourite .mov web address.

About .mov and .photos domains

.mov, widely-known as the file extension for movie file types, is the new gTLD for websites that provides user generated and/ or professional video content. With this web extension you have the opportunity to create a hub where you provide interesting video content for users to watch. If you're a business in the entertainment industry, this new gTLD is a fantastic tool to promote your products or services.

.photos is the new gTLD and the Internet code for photos which makes it a great extension for anyone looking to use images to showcase a portfolio or promote products online. You can even get a special web address to get started with your photography site or a directory of photos where users can search, buy and/or download images. Register .photos domain names today and be one of the lucky owners of a fabulous or or any other web address you can think of.

Why secure .photos and .mov domains?

  • Grab a web address with an original extension
  • Enjoy a branded site filled with engaging video and image content
  • Feature catchy visual content to promote your brand or your products and services
  • Protect your brand and prevent others from using your name.

When can I get my .mov and .photos gTLDs?

With more than 50% of consumer web traffic coming from video content and mobile video consumption growing by the second, you can be sure everyone will want to snatch a .mov or a .photos domain.

We will let you know the moment you can pre-order .mov web addresses but meanwhile, why not secure your favourite .photos domain as this extension is now available for registration on 123-reg. Hurry and get yours now before it's too late!

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