The perfect extension for a brand .new website

If you're looking for a great extension for your website, the .new domain may be just the perfect one for you. Whether you're just getting started online, you're a professional offering one-of-a-kind services or a small business providing unique products, this gTLD will help you stand out from the crowd.

With this fresh gTLD, you'll have the opportunity to register fantastic domains such as,, or even for when you're launching a marketing campaign to promote your latest product.

.new registration will soon be available on 123-reg, so check back so you can secure yours before anyone else.

About .new domains

This is the extension destined for all things that are new. The purpose of this gTLD is to provide site owners with a dedicated space that allows them to position themselves as a hub for fresh content and offerings on the Internet. There are no restrictions for this extension which means anyone can pre-order and register this gTLD.

Why pre-order .new domain names?

  • Get a short and fresh web address
  • Associate your brand with all things new
  • Position your website as a hub for fresh content and offerings on the Internet
  • Protect your brand and prevent others from using your name

When you register .new domain names, users will instantly associate your site with unique ideas, fresh content or one-of-a-kind products and services. So, not only will you be able to snatch a great web address but you'll also find it easier to catch users' attention by signalling the type of content or services that are available on your domain.

This gTLD is a fantastic tool to better brand and manage your online presence by associating it with everything fresh, up-to-date, unique, and innovative. It's the perfect extension to stand out from the crowd as it tells users, even before entering your site, that your offering is new and different from anything else's available online.

Even if you have already registered your brand name on several extensions, you should also get your .new web address to prevent others from associating themselves with your brand and values. So, check back soon so you can pre-order this great gTLD as soon as it becomes available.

When can I register .new domains?

Soon you'll be able to pre-order .new domains at 123-reg and get the creative web address you've always wanted. So, if you're excited about the release of this fantastic extension, check back as we'll soon open registration for this gTLD. Or, better yet, register your interest for one or more of the over 1400 new gTLDs soon to become available for registration on 123-reg.

The launch of the new generic top-level domains comes with so many great options. Whether you're in the food industry, lifestyle and dating or online auctioning, soon you will be able to replace your .com, or .biz extensions with a .menu, .singles or .bid extension that more accurately describes your business.

We're the largest domain registrar in the UK so if you want to secure your perfect web address, there's no better place than 123-reg.


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