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On the Internet, your domain name is key to your success

With hundreds of extensions available at 123-reg, you have an almost endless number of affordable choices for new and memorable names for your websites.

You can get a .uk or top-level domain to promote your brand in the UK, a geographic extension like .london or .vegas to connect your business to a specific place, or a gTLD like .agency, .consulting or .attorney to tell the world exactly what you do.

Learn more about which domains are available at 123-reg and pick your perfect website address to represent your company, skills or idea.

TLDs - Top-Level Domain names

This is the part of the web address located to the right of the dot. The most popular TLDs are .com, .net, .info, .biz and these can be registered by anyone, regardless of location. The same goes for second-level extensions like,,

There are also TLDs that are restricted to certain entities or communities such as .edu which is reserved for educational entities, or .pro which can only be registered by professionals with a license.

ccTLDs - Country Code Top-Level domains

These extensions correspond to specific countries or territories. While some require residency or a presence in the country of the extension such as .eu or .us, most have no restrictions on who can register them. ccTLDs like .uk representing the United Kingdom, .mx for Mexico and .de for Germany are open for anyone to register.

Geographic domain names

Perfect for local businesses and organisations, geographic domains tell people in which city or region a shop, a restaurant or an agency is located. Geographic extensions like .london, .vegas, .berlin and .tokyo are a great choice for attracting local customers.

International domains

Ideal for brands looking to promote their local presence and connect with customers from a specific country. Depending on which market or country you wish to target, you can go with an established international domain like .de, .es, .it or with the new .uk or .international.

gTLDs - Generic Top-Level domains

Generic TLDs are an excellent alternative to the traditional .com, and .de. Hundreds of new generic domain extensions are now available on 123-reg and many more are coming soon. These vary from industry such as .construction, clothing, .toys, profession such as .lawyer, .dentist, .vet to cool gTLDs like .ninja, .guru, .xyz.

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