What you see is what you get

Our prices are as transparent as we are

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We always try our best to be completely transparent

When it comes to our charges we always try to be completely transparent, the price you see is the price you pay.

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No annoying advertising

Some registrars place annoying banner advertising on your fowarding pages and charge you extra to remove them. We don't place any advertising on your pages or charge for forwarding.

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Free DNS updates

We don't charge anything if you want to modify your DNS settings. Some registrars make it an extra annual cost for you to gain access to your DNS.

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No WHOIS editing fees

Some registrars charge you an administration fee when you want to edit your Domain Privacy record for your domain, we do not. You can edit your Domain Privacy details as much as you like without ever being charged.

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Leave anytime

The domain registrar lock is great for stopping unauthorised transfers, but some registrars abuse the system and stop you from transferring your domains out. With 123 Reg we will turn the lock off when you want and transfer away whenever you want to.

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Easy auth-code access

Some Top-Level-Domains (TLDs) require an auth-code to enable domain transfers. Your registrar holds these codes and can make it difficult to obtain them if you want to transfer. We make it easy to get your codes whenever you need them.

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NO Domain Front Running

There is a very devious process called Front Running that involves registrars mining their domain searches for potentially attractive domains, then registering them and attempting to sell them to an interested party at a premium rate. We never have and never will use such underhanded tactics.

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Our customer price promise is simple...

We promise that our prices will always be completely transparent; we promise that all charges will be clearly explained. There will never be any dodgy deals with 123 Reg… We take pride in our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to web hosting and will always try our best to ensure our customers get the best deal.

Thank you for being a 123 Reg customer and making us the largest domain provider in the UK.


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