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How long does it take for my website to get indexed?

By Thomas Costello - June 12, 2012

Creating a great website nowadays is child’s play. Getting it indexed by most search engines is where it gets tough.

I have a website, now what?

Having your website online is not enough. Search engines can take a while to crawl and index your website. You must submit it to their index manually. This way you attract the search engines’ attention to your newly created website.

I’ve submitted my website. Nothing happened.

If you take into consideration just how many websites are submitted on a daily basis it is understandable why days may have passed without your website featuring in search engine results pages.

How can I make the indexing process faster?

There are some things you can check/fix in order to make sure your website can be crawled and indexed:

  • Your pages must have a 200/OK server response
  • Make sure you have actual content – although pictures and videos might be perceived as content for your users you also need to have text on your pages. Crawlers can’t see inside videos but they can definitely see the text.
  • Don’t complicate your links – use simple HTML for the links on your pages. Don’t overcomplicate things by using JavaScript based events.
  • Manually submit your website – if you think your website is ready then you can start submitting it to various search engines.
  • Help your website get discovered – try talking about your website on other sites. Keep in mind these need to be relevant to your own website’s topic. Try finding only the quality websites that are both popular and reliable.  With just one link placed on such a website you can ensure a faster indexation.

My homepage is indexed but my other pages are not

You can finally see your homepage listed in a search engine but where are the rest of your pages? There are several possibilities why your website hasn’t been completely indexed:
You haven’t properly interlinked your pages – the crawler can’t get to every page of your website.

In this case you should change the way your pages are linked to each other. Until you do that you should create a sitemap file that contains all your pages. When the crawler visits your site it will be looking for this file before crawling your website.

You accidentally blocked the crawler’s access – you’ve disallowed the access to certain sub-directories from your robots.txt file or added the noindex tag on some of your pages.

Check your robots file and see if you added any extra lines. Also check the pages you can’t find in search engines and see if these have the right server response or if they have a noindex tag in their source code.

Robots.txt, sitemaps and server responses. I don’t know what does those are!

Do not panic if you feel it is getting too technical for you. If none of the above makes any sense then you can simply use a service that will submit your website to search engines.

123-reg has its very own SEO software called Search Engine Optimiser which can help you get indexed. The best part?  You don’t need any technical knowledge to use it.

What will your software do for my website?

  • Automatic submission

It will save you some time by automatically submitting your website to hundreds of search engines – imagine doing that manually, it would take forever. By having your website indexed by so many search engines you will get worldwide exposure.

  • Website improvement

You don’t need to know SEO to understand what problems your website might have. The detailed SEO analysis of your website is clear, concise and easy to understand. By fixing your website’s issues you can get better ranks and more traffic.

  • Competitor research

See how well your website is doing in search engine results pages compared to your competitors.

  • Personal control panel

You don’t need to download or install anything. Your control panel is online which means you can access it from any device and any place.

See the full list of Search Engine Optimiser features for more details and please come back and tell us how you think our SEO software can help improve your website’s visibility.